Ally Brooke Hernandez Reveals What Life Has Been Like After Being Born Premature

Ally Brooke Hernandez/ Premature Interview
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Ally Brooke Hernandez is opening up to speak about her journey after being born a premature baby. The member of FIfth Harmony spoke to us all about her partnership with the March of Dimes as well as the group's upcoming album 7/27. 

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How was it like for you growing up as a premature baby?

I was born one pound 14 ounces. I was so small I fit into my dad’s hand. But growing up as a premature baby, when I was born, the doctor had predicted that I would have vision problems, hearing problems, breathing problems and ironically enough I was born with my lungs developed because I came out screaming. My parents like to say, “I came out singing.” (Laughs) After that, I stayed in the hospital for several weeks and thank god afterwards I really didn’t have major health problems. Today, I can say the same. So, I’m very, very grateful for that.

Did your parents ever talk to you about their experience having a premature child?

My parents said it definitely was a challenge because they had never gone through anything like that and they didn’t know what was going to happen. They had a lot of faith that I would be okay. Yeah, they did talk to me about the experience and they were very grateful for me to be okay as of now.

Did they ever tell you what was the scariest part of it all for them?

My dad me they didn’t like to see me in the incubator. They didn’t like to see me in that because I was so small and they could barely touch me and usually you’re able to hold your newborn, carry her and kiss her. But, you can’t do that because you’re so fragile. That was really tough for them. They overcame that and they’re very happy with me.

Do they still worry about you now?

(Laughs) Well, of course. They always want to insure that I’m safe and okay especially in this crazy industry. I, you know, thank god I don’t have any health problems, any major health problems.

Why was it important to you to be involved in the March of Dimes?

It’s really important to me to become involved because of my own story. I mean it is a huge part of my story. I might not be here if it wasn’t for the research and the technology that March of Dimes provided for my family and me. It’s so important because March of Dimes does so much work to be able to save the lives of millions of babies across the world. So, I was just delighted to be apart of such an incredible organization that does so much.

What are you hoping to accomplish with this?

I guess I hope to bring awareness. I know that I have this platform with our fans and with social media and all of that good stuff. I really hope that people become more aware of premature birth and I hope there’s more that can be done to prevent this.

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