Alex Rodriguez Gets Upset With J.Lo In the Cutest Way Ever


There's no denying Hollywood's hottest celebrity couple of 2017 was Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez.

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The two debuted their relationship in May at the Met Gala, and since then have been inseparable.

From blending families for the holidays to throwing epic taco parties, both Lopez and Rodriguez enjoy showing off their love on social media.

But sometimes we forget celebrity couples are just like us.

Recently, the former Yankee star got annoyed with the 48-year-old beauty over misleading directions on the road. During his Instagram stories, the Shark Tank judge expressed his frustration by venting, "I can't believe we're lost again," said Arod along with "Can you please tell me where to turn?" to the Puerto Rican star.

According to the father-of-two, this isn't the first time the Amor Amor Amor singer has gotten them lost. 

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Most couples know this scenario all too well, as the three-time MVP looks frustrated Lopez giggles and has a super unbothered demeanor. Who's guilty of doing the same when driving with bae? 

Check out the funny yet cute video below.