Alejandro Sanz to Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz: “...Enjoy Every Minute of Parenthood”

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Alejandro Sanz and Alicia Keys met a few years back at the Rock in Rio music festival in Lisbon, Portugal, and the two instantly hit it off. They didn’t see each other for a while and lost touch, but then ran into each other on a mutual friend’s boat. That night of spontaneous deep-sea jamming led to the musicians trading Spanish and English lyrics on the feel-good pop song “Looking for Paradise,” the lead single off the Spanish singer/songwriter’s most recent album, Paraiso Express. Sanz has described the collaboration as “magical” and Keys as “half-Gypsy.”

Now Sanz, himself a father of two (Manuela and Alexander), tells he only wishes the best for the future mami and her fiancé, Swizz Beatz: “I hope they enjoy every minute of parenthood," says Sanz. "It's the most beautiful journey that a person can make, and I say 'journey' because you have to enjoy every moment, as you should when you embark on one. Parenting is the best thing in the world. It changes you forever and it makes you see life in a different way. I wish my friend Alicia and Swizz all the happiness in the world. You are loved!” Awww…



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