EXCLUSIVE: Adrienne Bailon Talks Having "Baby Fever" & Her #1 Beauty Product

Adrienne Bailon Talks Beauty, Bad Breath and Babies
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Adrienne Bailon is back in NYC for NYFW 2016, and we caught up with the belleza at the Kids Rock! Fashion Show to get the scoop on her fashion week beauty must-haves, her out-of-control 'baby fever' and more. Read it all below: 

What's going on with you? What's new?

I'm busy, but everything is great! I have a meet and greet with Juan Luis Guerra tonight. I never met him before; I’m going to have a heart attack, because he’s one of my favorite artist who ever lived. I’m absolutely playing his music at my honeymoon. "Burbujas De Amor" is literally going to be the soundtrack of my honeymoon whenever I get married. At some point in life — whenever that happens. 

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Are you excited for the Kids Rock Fashion Show? 

My niece is walking in the show! She walked in it last year, too. I’m so excited, because I love what their doing.

Were you here to see her walk last year?

No, but I watched it via livestream in my dressing room from The Real. I was screaming!

Do you have baby fever when you see your niece?  

Oh, I have baby fever in general. It's so out of control.

Is it tough being around all this baby clothes?

My uterus just skips a beat, I swear. 

Besides the Kids Rock show, what are you most excited for fashion week? 

I’m excited to be back in New York! People forget I’m a native New Yorker, and I miss the energy of New York. I’m excited to be in the hustle and bustle of fashion week — going to parties, catching up with friends. That’s what I’m looking forward to.  

What are the products you can't live without?

I’m obsessed with Shea Moisture. Like, literally I have it in my purse right now. I use it for everything. I would also say a Beauty Blender is a must.

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What's the one thing girls shouldn't get caught without on Valentines Day? 

For Valentine's Day, girls should have a travel-sized version of their perfume, breath mints and gum. The worst thing is to have perfectly touched-up makeup, but you open up your mouth and the breath ain't right. It’s terrible. You want to smell great. Breath smells great. Skin smells great.