Adrienne Bailon Gushes Over Fiancé Lenny Santiago

Adrienne Bailon Gushes Over Fiance Lenny Santiago

Adrienne Bailon is one happy bride-to-be!

While at the 23rd Annual Movieguide Awards on Friday, the 31-year-old talk show host recently gushed over her fiancé, Lenny Santiago, and even revealed how they met.

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"The day I met him I thought he was cute, and there was something about his smile that I absolutely loved," she told Us Weekly. "For me it was instant. He obviously knew of me before he met me, and he says he always thought I was beautiful. Like, 'I always thought you were beautiful, if I ever had a chance,’ you know what I mean?"

Bailon, who has been with Santiago for over five years, says that the two were friends long before any romance sparked.

"We were friends before [dating], and we were friends for a really long time," she said.

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"I think the fact that he met me when I was recording a solo album for DefJam, and I was not interested in dating him at all so he got to know real me and I never had to put on any act for him all. He already knew me stripped down — he would see me every say in the studio with a bun in my hair and no make up."

That's amor. We're so excited for you, chica! Let us know if you need some help planning (wink!).