Adam Rodriguez Dishes on CSI and Making Out with Taraji Henson

Most of us know Adam Rodriguez from his role as Eric Delko on the hit TV show CSI: Miami and were devastated to learn that his character wouldn't be back next season. But the NYC native is taking the shakeup as an opportunity to expand his career in film and landed a starring role in Tyler Perry's new film, I Can Do Bad All By Myself. We sat down with the Cuban and Puerto Rican hottie to find out what's on the horizon for this rising star and found out some interesting stories about his time on set along the way. Let's just say Taraji P. Henson is one lucky lady.

Tell us a little about your character Sandino in Tyler Perry’s new film I Can Do Bad All By Myself.
Sandino is a Colombian immigrant who has come to this country in search of a better life but is having a tough time. He doesn’t have a home and he’s completely by himself, so he goes to a specific church because he knows the pastor had done missionary work in Colombia. That pastor gets him a job to fix April’s (Taraji Henson) house, so he works for room and board. He has such a big and positive impact on everyone in this film—that was what I felt was the most important to portray. He really is a great representation of what we are as Latinos. He’s so full of goodness, integrity, sense of family and how important that is. He doesn’t have any of that in his life but still understands the value.

What was the biggest challenge playing this role?
The biggest challenge was not making him too perfect. The character is so good, you just love him. But he actually has a dark past and its part of the reason why he knows what’s important in life. I think keeping that underneath what was going on with the character was a bit of a challenge.

What was your favorite moment on set?
One of the funnier moments that comes to mind is in one of the first scenes Taraji and I filmed. She gets some sad news and I’m consoling her and at the end of the moment we started kissing and no one called cut so we continue kissing and kissing. We were waiting for someone to say something but we didn’t want to break the scene. All of sudden Tyler comes running in hysterically laughing and yells, “What are you people doing? There is no kiss written in the script at this moment! Where did you get the idea to kiss?” We didn’t know. For some reason we thought there was a kiss at the end of the scene. We were laughing at each other, and everyone was laughing at us.

How was it starring in a Tyler Perry film? Were you a fan of his before you got the part?
I was a big fan of his and of what he’s accomplished. I knew how much he had created his niche. He changed Hollywood, so I was really excited to work with him and to get to see firsthand this world he’s created for himself—to go down and see his studios in Atlanta and see what he’s amassed with his success, as far as building a studio and being able to employ as many people as he does. It was truly inspirational to see in person and really a joy to be a part of.

You’re an honoree at the 2009 ALMA for your role on CSI: Miami. Congrats! Are you excited?
I am really excited about that. I’ve been going to the ALMA Awards probably since they began, and to be honored this year makes me feel special. It makes me feel like I’m progressing in my career and it feels good to know that my people have taken the time to recognize.

Speaking of CSI, fans were super-sad (especially us female fans) to hear the news that your character was no longer going to be on the show. What happened?
(Laughing) You know what? It was just that time in my career. I just felt like I’m really ready to see what life has to offer next; as an artist, you want to branch out and do other things. It was all pretty sudden, but it’s something to look forward to and see what the next adventure will be. My character, Eric Delko, had some great storylines. I’ve been very lucky. I won’t be in every episode but I will be coming in and out of the show throughout the season, so I’m looking forward to still getting to spend sometime with my CSI family.

What else is on the horizon for you?
I have a film that I shot this last summer with 50 Cent and that’s coming out next year called Caught in the Cross Fire. Our Tyler Perry movie, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, is coming out Sept. 11. I have scenes to film for the rest of the season of CSI: Miami, and beyond that I don’t know what’s next. I’m really excited. I really want to do more films, so I want pursue more of that and if a great television show comes along, I’m open to that as well.

So, for the million-dollar question, tell us: Are you are single?
I am single! Not married.