9 Reasons Why Naya Rivera's Younger Sister is Caliente AF!

Latina actress, Naya Rivera, has always been stunning and now we know it runs in the family! While her younger sister, Nickayla Rivera, is taller than her famous sister, we can see the uncanny resemblance. Here are nine reasons why Rivera's supermodel hermana is caliente AF!

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1. Her Big, Full Curls Are Everything!

2. Eyebrows Are Always On Fleek.

3. Cute Girls. Cute Women. Nothing Has Changed.

4. She Has Legs For Days.

5. She Hangs WIth A Cute Girl Crew.

6. She Cleans Up Well.

7. She's A Proud Titi.

8. She Embraces Her Tiger Stripes.

9. Looking Good Is A Family Affair.