8 Stars Who Fan-Girl Over Beyoncé

If there’s one celebrity who appeals to the masses and has the ability to impress any and all stars, it’s Beyoncé. That’s right – Queen B’s irresistible charm, uncanny talent and gorgeous looks cannot be compared to any other in the industry, so much so that even other singers are seen fan-girling over her.

We’re taking a look at which stars are part of Bey’s "Beehive" and are downright "Drunk in Love" with 33-year-old mega mogul.

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Ahead, check out eight celebs who go completely bananas over Beyoncé just like you do.

1. President Barack Obama

POTUS is no stranger to Beyoncé's talent. We’ve heard him explain that the singer is one of the family's favorites, and he even recently included Bey on his Spotify playlist among other notable artists.

2. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba may be worth more than Queen Bee, but she’s not afraid to be seen front and center at a Beyoncé concert. She’s even been caught cozying up to the singer backstage. #LifeGoals.

3. Demi Lovato

Beyoncé's surprise album release in 2013 got fans more excited than ever before, but perhaps no one fan-girled quite like Demi Lovato. She tweeted several times, showing her excitement and calling Bey the "sexiest woman ON THE PLANET."

4. Drake

If you’re the ultimate Beyoncé fan, you know the best way to prove your dedication is to name a song after her. Drake’s song "Girls Love Beyoncé" is the ultimate homage, and shows just how big Beyoncé's fan base is. 

5. 5

If you’re a true fan-girl, you know that dancing like no one is watching to your singer’s best song is a must. Surprisingly enough, macho man Vin Diesel knows how to get drunk in love, and look great while doing it. Watch the video here.

6. Madonna

Sometimes, good fan-girl moments come as a two-way street.

Not only has Madonna gushed over the performer’s talent, but Beyoncé, too, has fan-girled over Madonna’s work, saying that she was the inspiration behind her Flawless album.

7. 7

Adrienne Bailon has also had her share of fan-girl moments when discussing her favorite former Destiny’s Child member. The TV host once said that if you could be anyone in the world, be yourself, "but if you could be Beyoncé, be Beyoncé."

8. Miguel

Miguel may have worked alongside Beyoncé to help her write songs, but he, too, can’t help but gush over her talent and beauty. The "Coffee" singer helped Bey write the song "Rocket," where he explains that her "confidence and sexuality" can be "liberating to a certain degree," and that she just "rocks everyone’s world."