7 Times Adrienne Bailon Kept It Real

Happy birthday, Adrienne Bailon! In honor of the Bailon’s 32nd birthday, we’re taking a look at all the times the Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian beauty kept it really real:

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1. AB: 1

In August of 2014, Bailon kept it the realest when she responded in a classy way to the drama that unfolded with the Kardashians in response to her September 2014 cover story. After the Kardashians slammed Bailon, claiming that she only had her career because of her relationship with Rob Kardashian, Bailon responded by saying: "Fame and a career are two different things. I’ve always had a career. I have been working hard since I was 15 years old. Being someone’s ‘girlfriend’ was never what I wanted to be famous for. What makes you ‘famous’ isn’t always what you want to be labeled as, or known for."

2. AB: 2

The 31-year-old star has always been honest about her plastic surgery. Last year she spoke about how her breast implants are one of her "greatest regrets," and encouraged others to "love your body and your face the way it is."

3. AB: 3

Bailon has never been shy about her Latina pride. In 2014, the cover star opened up to us about what it means to her to be Latina, explaining that she might as well walk around with "Latina" written on her forehead!

4. AB: 4

In October 2015, the starlet and fiancé Lenny Santiago announced their split, which began the swirling rumors that she was once again dating Rob Kardashian. Bailon kept it real, of course, saying: "I'm happy. I'm at peace. I think when you make a decision that sits well with your heart, you feel good about that."

5. AB: 5

In March, Bailon gave her first performance in nearly six years with a tribute to the late Selena. The Real co-host took the stage to sing "I Could Fall in Love," as Selena's sister Suzette Quintanilla looked on in the crowd. "My first songs were Selena," Bailon said. "Thank you for giving me the honor."

6. AB: 6

Regardless of this star's success and fame, she never forgets where she came from. In her September 2014 cover shoot, Bailon explained how her Nuyorican roots mean everything to her. "My generation, the coolest thing was being Puerto Rican. Like, growing up here, like if you were Puerto Rican, you were hot. I didn’t know that many people who were Ecuadorian. And you know the saying, like “100 por ciento Boricua”? I’d be like, “But I’m only half!” My mother would be like, “It’s okay. I’m your mom. I carried you. Tu tienes la sangre Boricua.””

7. AB: 7

For Mother's Day 2015, Bailon used her hosting gig on The Real to thank her mom for all that she's done for her. “Mom, I love you. I thank you for being the woman that you’re and for loving me unconditionally. I hope I made you proud. I love you very, very much mommy."