5 Things to Know About Kat Von D's Husband, Leafar Seyer

Kat Von D has tied the knot and we couldn't be more excited for her. The tattoo artist announced her marriage to Prayers vocalist Leafar Seyer on Wednesday, one week after sharing their engagement news on Valentine's Day. 

Get to know more about the lucky man who captured the Mexicana's heart below.

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1. He has a tattoo of Kat Von D's name!


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Because nothing screams, "I love you" than strengthening the lifetime bond you have with your significant other by getting their name tattooed on your body.  

2. He rocks some badass stiletto nails.


Though your boyfriend might cringe at the thought of getting his nails done, Seyer has no problem rocking the eccentric look. 

3. He is the lead vocalist of Prayers.


If his name sounds familiar that's because he is the lead vocalist of the electronic rock duo, Prayers. Founded in 2013, Seyer along with Dave Parley are credited with creating the Cholo goth, a genre that speaks about the reality of gang and street life.

4. He is Mexican.


Like his wife, Kat Von D, the 42-year-old was born in Mexico before coming and being raised in San Diego. 

5. He used to run a restaurant with his father.


Though today we see vegan/vegetarian restaurants on every corner of big cities, Seyer opened up San Diego's first vegan/vegetarian Mexican restaurant with his father. Sadly after his dad passed away, the vocalist sold the restaurant to his younger brother.