30 Under 30: The Hottest Young Latinos to Watch

After months of online voting, Latina's official 30 Under 30 list is here! Bella Thorne leads the pack of bright young stars in film, music, social media, activism and sports. Scroll through and check out all the honorees:

1. The Music Mavens: Prince Royce

Prince Royce, Dominican, 25, Bachata Singer

His dimples hypnotize us and his lyrics melt our hearts: "Y si eres gorda o flaca (And if you’re chubby or skinny)/Todo eso no me importa a mi (I don’t care)/Y tampoco soy perfecto (Because I’m not perfect either)/Solo se que yo te quiero así (I only know that I love you the way you are).”—from his chart-topping “Corazón Sin Cara”

2. The Music Mavens: Chiquis Marin

Chiquis Marin, 29, Mexican, Singer

Following in the legendary footsteps of her mother, Jenni Rivera, Chiquis is turning her attention to music. To judge by her single “Esa No Soy Yo,” she has inherited her mami’s tendency toward fiery, pro-woman vocals. And we love it!

3. The Music Mavens: Jasmine V

Jasmine V, 20, Mexican and Filipina, Pop Singer

The “That’s Me Right There” songbird is using her tremendous voice to shine a light on domestic violence. “When we did the music video for ‘Didn’t Mean It,’ we wanted to help people going through that situation that felt like they didn’t have a voice,” she says. “I just want people to know they do have a say so in their life and to take control of it! Just know when it’s time to say, ‘Enough!’”

4. The Music Mavens: J. Balvin

J. Balvin, 29, Colombian, Reggaeton’s New Voice

Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull, Ariana Grande and Pharrell Williams are just a few of the boldface names reggaetonero J. Balvin has teamed up with on remixes. Now it’s time for him to shine on his own.

5. The Music Mavens: Dev

Dev, 25, Mexican and Portuguese, Singer

Kick-ass album: Bittersweet July. Kick-ass mami: “I always done some trill ass shit…but being a mom, that’s the realest shit I ever wrote,” she tweeted.

6. The Music Mavens: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, 22, Spanish, Singer/Actress

The ultrapopular Lovato, who suffers from depression, makes it a point to use her platform to enlighten and encourage her fans with information: “The brain is an important organ too. Mental health is physical health and we deserve comprehensive mental health legislation reform today,” she tweeted.

7. The Music Mavens: Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars, 28, Puerto Rican and Filipino, Pop Superstar

The youngest artist to ever headline a Super Bowl halftime show exudes confidence on stage and an infectious sense of humor off it.

8. The Music Mavens: Becky G

Becky G, 17, Mexican, Rapper/Singer

Making a Jay Z and Kanye song your own doesn’t seem like the easiest path to stardom, but that’s how Becky G got her shot. On her mixtape release, @itsbeckygomez, she rapped over radio hits and caught the attention of Grammy-winning producer Dr. Luke. “I love to entertain—it’s therapeutic for me,” says L.A.’s own Becky from the block. “The moment I walk onstage I forget about everything and I just feel happy. My favorite part about performing live is talking with the audience. When I hear them screaming I get chills!”

9. The Innovators: Isabella Rose Taylor

Isabella Rose Taylor, 13, Mexican, Designer

When Taylor couldn’t find clothes she liked, she took matters into her own hands and created her own fashion company. “My line’s aesthetic is a little tough and a little sweet, a street vibe mixed with girly, hippie elements,” says Taylor, whose eponymous juniors’ line is carried at Nordstrom. “It’s about mixing pieces and creating your own ever-evolving style.”

10. The Innovators: James Rodríguez

James Rodríguez, 23, Colombian, World-Class Fútbol Star

After Rodríguez captured the world’s attention with his scoring prowess in the 2014 World Cup, the storied Spanish franchise Real Madrid snagged the affable soccer star for a reported $9.5 million a year.

11. The Innovators: Samantha Marquez

Samantha Marquez, 18, Venezuelan, Spanish and Portuguese, Scientist

Just 18, Marquez has already created artificial stem cells and registered seven patents. “I believe that I have an obligation and responsibility to myself, my community and my planet to be a role model and to contribute to creating a better living environment for us all,” she says on her site.

12. The Innovators: Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez, 25, Mexican, Antibullying Activist

The author and motivational speaker is all about raising awareness. “For the last 25 years I’ve had to deal with some form of bullying, whether verbal bullying or cyber bullying,” says Velasquez, who was born with a rare medical condition that doesn’t allow her body to store any fat. “I’ve been given an incredible platform to be the voice for those who might not be able to use theirs.”

13. The Innovators: Natalia Anciso

Natalia Anciso, 29, Chicana, Educator/Artist

History should never be forgotten — that’s the driving force behind Anciso’s powerful art. “I teach youth and underserved communities of color how art can be used as a tool for empowerment, social change and positive expression,” says Anciso, whose Pinches Rinches series depicts the tejanos who were lynched by the Texas Rangers.

14. The Innovators: Nancy Juro

Nancy Juro, 24, Peruvian, Immigration Activist

“Undocumented workers are a huge part of the service industry—they produce the food we eat and build the homes we live in,” says Juro, who works with Avanza, a bilingual organization that helps undocumented youth apply for work permits.

15. The Social Stars: Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota, 19, Mexican, Portuguese and Irish, Beauty Vlogger

Thanks to Mota’s YouTube videos (over 7 million subscribers and counting), there’s no need to consult a stylist or makeup artist for fresh ideas. “I was at a difficult point in my life after dealing with bullying, and YouTube became a great distraction," says Mota. “It gave me the voice that I didn’t have.”

16. The Social Stars: Massiel Arias

Massiel Arias, aka Mankofit, 25, Dominican, Fitness Blogger

Working up a sweat helped Arias overcome her bout with depression, and now she’s helping others follow her path. “I [became] a personal trainer…to change people’s lives the same way fitness changed mine,” says Arias. “I’m a big believer that a lot of diseases can be reversed and prevented by proper nutrition and following an active lifestyle. I want to teach people how to do it.”

17. The Social Stars: Lele Pons

Lele Pons, 18, Venezuelan, Vine Star

Frenemies, embarrassing run-ins with crushes, study hall snafus and being a teacher’s pet — they all may seem like typical high school topics. But in the hands — or should we say, lens — of Pons, they’re hilarious! Her laugh-out-loud physical comedy has made Pons a Vine star with over 4 million followers.

18. The Social Stars: Anthony Padilla

Anthony Padilla, 26, Mexican, YouTube Comedian

As one half of Smosh, his web-based comedy duo with partner Ian Andrew Hecox, Padilla cracks people up every day. Their videos, movie and video-game parodies have amassed nearly 20 million subscribers on YouTube. “My thumbs are barely functional. It took me 4 minutes to type this tweet on my phone. TOO MUCH NEW SMASH BROS AGH!” Padilla tweeted.

19. The Social Stars: Michelle Rivas

Michelle Rivas, 23, Mexican, Health Blogger

The mind behind TheHealthyLatina.com is making it easier than ever for Latinas across the U.S. to make better food choices with her informative site. “Living a healthy lifestyle is not always top of mind in our culture,” says Rivas. “It is especially important for Latinas to have greater health knowledge and awareness, as many make the health-care choices for their families and help children develop healthy habits.”

20. The Screen Gems: Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne, 17, Cuban, Irish and Italian, Actress/Singer

Our December 2014/January 2015 cover star has transformed into a full-on superstar — juggling five films, a three-book deal, and the attention of the fashion and beauty world.

21. The Screen Gems: Melanie Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias, 27, Puerto Rican, Filipina and Italian, TV Personality and Model

The sexy Brooklynite takes her role on MTV’s hilarious Girl Code seriously: “It’s irresponsible of celebs/influencers to disregard how impressionable their audience is. We all need to step up and be better examples,” she tweeted.

22. The Screen Gems: Génesis Rodríguez

Génesis Rodríguez, 27, Cuban and Venezuelan, Actress

“Do it with passion, or don’t do it at all…” Rodriguez tweeted. And it appears the rising star is taking her own advice, with roles in Kevin Smith’s critically acclaimed Tusk and Disney’s Big Hero 6.

23. The Screen Gems: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, 22, Mexican and Italian, Actress/Pop Star

Even after eight albums, a fashion line and service as a UNICEF ambassador, the Rudderless actress always carves out time for familia: “Playing tourists with my grandparents today. Why does that mean I just know the best restaurants? I food. A lot," she tweeted.

24. The Screen Gems: Amber Montana

Amber Montana, 15, Cuban and Spanish, Actress

The star of Nickelodeon’s Haunted Hathaways is turning her childhood dreams into reality. “Growing up, I always loved entertaining people,” says Montana. “As soon as I knew how to read and write, I was writing little scripts. I played the violin in kindergarten. I was just born with a passion for entertainment.”

25. The Screen Gems: Jake T. Austin

Jake T. Austin, 19, Puerto Rican, Argentinean and Spanish, Actor

The Fosters star loves the idea of having a fan base follow him as he grows professionally. “Playing different characters, in different story lines, allows my fans to grow and change with me,” says Austin, who’s soon to appear on the silver screen in Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn. “I love being able to sink my teeth into a challenging role or intense character. It pushes me to be better.”

26. The Screen Gems: Ryan Guzman

Ryan Guzman, 26, Mexican, Actor

Aside from being ridiculously gorgeous, Guzman — who will share the screen with Jennifer Lopez in next year’s The Boy Next Door — is a sweetheart. His girlfriend, Melanie Iglesias, tweeted, “Just watched my boyfriend park a random older woman’s car because she couldn’t do it herself #aww."

27. The Screen Gems: Cierra Ramirez

Cierra Ramirez, 19, Mexican, Actress

Jake T. Austin’s The Fosters co-star says she’s learned deep, real-life lessons portraying Mariana Foster on the ABC Family drama about a blended family of biological, adopted and foster children, produced by Jennifer Lopez. “Something I’ve taken from this show is that DNA doesn’t make a family. Love does,” Ramirez tweeted.

28. The Screen Gems: Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice, 21, Puerto Rican and Italian, Actress/Singer

The down-to-earth former Nickelodeon star, now working on her debut album, gushes over her fans. "Aww, I see what u guys are doing & I just want u to know that your tweets & support mean so much. They always make me smile #ILoveUGuysBack,” she tweeted.

29. The Screen Gems: Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez, 29, Puerto Rican, Actress.

The outspoken Jane the Virgin star was excited to be cast in the new CW series. “I was finally reading my own story and it was a true perception of Latinas in America. Or rather, I was finally playing an American that happened to get a good tan! Hello!”