30 Under 30: Young Latinos Transforming the World

We tallied months of online voting, and our 30 Under 30 list is hotter than your mami’s pique. Fifth Harmony leads the pack of inspirational and aspirational game changers.

1. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne, 17, Cuban, Irish, and Italian

If anyone knows about being a role model, it’s this former Disney star. “Be the best person you can be, and don’t try to change anything about yourself. Just be you!” she says.

2. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, 23, Mexican and Italian

Even after all those chart-toppers, ruling the red carpet for years, and a head-turning campaign for Pantene, this superstar talent keeps it real. Who else would tweet a photo of herself chowing down on sandwiches with “I mean, if you really want to know what happens backstage…”?

3. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, 23, Hispanic

She never holds back when it comes to her personal struggles, including mental health issues— but she always keeps her head high. She tweeted: “Sometimes life throws some pretty painful curveballs, but today my heart is so full of love.”

4. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice, 22, Puerto Rican and Italian

“If it weren’t for Nickelodeon, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” says the humble entertainer. “I was just a regular kid from Hollywood, Florida, that dreamed big. I hope to inspire people to follow their passion and dreams. Hard work pays off.”

5. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Diego Boneta

Diego Boneta, 25, Mexican

Ladies, we hope you’re sitting down. “I’m a very passionate guy, so I tend to like characters who are very passionate,” says the Scream Queens star. “And I’m very romantic. Those traits are in my blood—the passionate and hopeless romantic.”

6. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza González, 25, Mexican

“My brilliant, amazing character on From Dusk till Dawn, Santánico, embodies everything I believe and feel,” the starlet says. “She’s a powerful, strong woman who fights her way through in a man’s world, trying to be tamed.”

7. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Sharlene Taulé

Sharlene Taulé, 26, Dominican

This dominicana is quite the multitasker. While working on her debut album, she’s pursuing stage and film roles—in three languages, no less. “It’s all about being able to connect with people and not letting languages be a barrier,” she says.

8. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Cierra Ramirez

Cierra Ramirez, 20, Mexican

“The ability to make people feel different emotions is what I love most about entertaining,” says The Fosters star, who is about to release her debut album, a blend of R&B and pop. “Music is a great way of touching people’s lives, plus I love being on stage!”

9. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Genesis Rodriguez

Genesis Rodriguez, 28, Cuban and Venezuelan

Soon to be seen in Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers, this rising starlet chooses her parts carefully. “I try to do everything possible to change the stereotype by taking on roles that never put me or my culture into a box,” she says. And that’s why she acts in both Spanish and English. “Spanish is such a beautiful language—you get to express yourself a little more musically.”

10. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Aimee Carrero

Aimee Carrero, 27, Dominican and Puerto Rican

“I was and still am in a state of absolute shock,” says Carrero of voicing Disney’s first Latina princess, Elena of Avalor. “We can celebrate the rich traditions of a culture that is different from our own. The packaging may be different person-to-person, but we are all having this human experience.”

11. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Ryan Guzman

Ryan Guzman, 28, Mexican

“[I want] to give jobs to people that wouldn’t necessarily get them in this industry,” says the star of NBC’s Heroes Reborn about launching his own production company. His ultimate passion-project wish? “Remaking a film about Pancho Villa.”

12. The Cast of East Los High

The cast of East Los High

From teen pregnancy to domestic violence to homelessness, the characters on East Los High have gone through a lot—and that’s the point of this groundbreaking series. “It shows the raw details of being a young adult,” says cast member Danielle Vega, 29.

13. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Diane Guerrero

Diane Guerrero, 29, Colombian

As if being a passionate advocate for immigration reform isn’t enough, Guerrero is also part of two buzz-worthy TV series, Orange Is the New Black and Jane the Virgin. “The stories are rich and insightful,” she says. “That’s all you can ask for as an actor.”

14. The Double Threats — Singers & Actors: Karla Souza

Karla Souza, 29, Mexican

Souza is all over TV—in two languages! Thursday nights she’s acting in English and on Sundays in Spanish, on How to Get Away with Murder and the Univision miniseries Niño Santo, respectively. “I want to express my art in [both languages],” she says. 

15. The Musicians: Becky G

Becky G, 18, Mexican

Making a statement through music was brought to a whole new level when Becky G used “We Are Mexico” to make a point to Donald Trump. “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my grandparents being so brave, coming to another country, learning a new language, having a family, making sure they had the best education that they could,” she says.

16. The Musicians: Maluma

Maluma, 21, Colombian

If you’re lucky, you just might be the muse behind Maluma’s newest album, Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy. “Women are at the center of my inspiration when it comes to writing [music],” he says. “I get to the studio, I listen to instrumental tracks, and depending on how I am feeling, I compose about things that I am going through as well as what others around me may be experiencing.”

17. The Musicians: Prince Royce

Prince Royce, 26, Dominican

“Being Latino has obviously been a huge influence on my music,” he says. “Being a Dominican American who listened to bachata growing up is one of the reasons I started my career singing bachata. Even in my pop music you can hear the Latin influence.”

18. The Musicians: Leslie Grace

Leslie Grace, 20, Dominican

Do you ever get lost in one of Grace’s soulful songs? She has. “I love getting caught in those moments when the music just takes me away,” she says. “Sometimes I feel like I disconnect, when I close my eyes and it’s just me and the music on that stage.

19. The Musicians: Luis Coronel

Luis Coronel, 19, Mexican

This regional Mexican crooner isn’t just about the music. “When you have made a difference in someone’s life, that makes everything worthwhile,” he says. “Music can be healing and that connection is beautiful, special, and I never take it for granted.”

20. The Musicians: Farruko

Farruko, 24, Puerto Rican

This reggaeton singer and songwriter has a pretty lofty career goal: “To immortalize my music,” he says. After teaming up with Daddy Yankee and J. Balvin, he could be on to something. “I hope people follow my music from generation to generation.”

21. The Social Stars: Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota, 19, Mexican, Portuguese, and Irish / YouTube star, designer, and singer

After world domination on YouTube, the social media star is turning her sights to music. But ultimately her goal is to create a positive space on the Internet. “At the end of the day, what I want to put out there is self-love and being who you are,” Mota says. “That’s something I want to preach to all of my viewers: to be who it is that you want to be and do what scares you, because you never know.”

22. The Social Stars: SunKissAlba

SunKissAlba, 27, Dominican / beauty vlogger

“What I love most [about creating videos for YouTube] is the fact that I am able to connect with all types of people from all over the world who watch me because they relate to me in many ways—not just through beauty,” she says. “That unity warms my heart every day.”

23. The Social Stars: Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy, 27, Mexican / YouTube star and author

“I’ve always loved fashion and beauty, but it wasn’t until I joined the army—when it was all taken away—that I realized I had a burning passion for it,” says the social style maven. “If I could accomplish and go through everything I went through, then I can do anything!”

24. The Social Stars: Massy Arias

Massy Arias, 27, Dominican / fitness expert and trainer

“Fitness is more than just a body. We’re talking about how you feel inside,” says the social media sensation who shared her body transformation on Instagram with 1.8 million followers. “Exercise has changed my entire life. I found out how strong I am as a person— physically and mentally.”

25. The Innovators: Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey, 28, Afro-Venezuelan, English, and Polish / actress and UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion

Rousey was the first American woman to win a medal in Judo at the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008, and she is the first and current UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion. She also stole scenes in the latest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise—and she’s just getting started. 

26. The Innovators: Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot, 29, Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti / model

“There’s no wrong way to be a woman” is Bidot’s’ motto. The size 14 beauty was the first plus-size model to walk two shows on the 2014 New York Fashion Week runway for straight-size brands: Chromat and Serena Williams’s HSN line.

27. The Innovators: Jordi Munoz

Jordi Munoz, 29, Mexican / cofounder of 3D Robotics

While most people just use their Nintendo Wii to play games, this tech genius hacked into his to build one of the first autonomous drones at age 20. “Watching robots fly just makes my day,” he says.

28. The Innovators: Stephanie Diaz

Stephanie Diaz, 23, Mexican, Spanish, French, German, and Austrian / author

“I write stories about far-distant futures,” says the author of the young-adult novel Evolution. “Life is diverse in these universes—the same way it is in reality. And if not, there better be a damn good reason for it.”

29. The Innovators: Daniel Gomez Iniguez

Daniel Gomez Iniguez, 25, Mexican / Cofounder of Solben

“We feel challenged by all the problems the world is facing,” he says of his company, which turns animal and vegetable oil into biodiesel. “We’re looking for the most revolutionizing and innovative solutions.”