3 Things You Never Knew About Adrienne Bailon, Straight from 'The Real' Co-Host Tamera Mowry

3 Things You Never Knew About Adrienne Bailon, Straight from 'The Real' Co-Host Tamera Mowry

Being a busy parent is something Tamera Mowry has already checked off the bucket list. The Real talk show host is about to add a Sister, Sister to her two-year-old son Aden's life (she's currently in her third trimester), so it made perfect sense for her to be hosting the recent BandAid & Neosporin event for their PlayOn campaign in NYC...she's going to need to pack her diaper bag full of them, as any mom with two young kids knows. 

At the event, we caught up with the star who slipped off her Christian Louboutins in favor of a comfy flat and then chatted about the importance of getting kids outside and the memories she had of riding bicycles with her twin sister Tia as a child. And of course, we couldn't help but ask her about one of our favorite Puerto Rican-Ecuadorians, her Real cohost Adrienne Bailon:

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We love our girl Adrienne. What's something you've learned about her being on The Real together?

She talks a lot, that's one. But Adrienne — seriously — she is such a caring human being. She is ride or die; if she likes you, she likes you for life. However, she's from New York so it takes time to get into that circle, but once she's cool with you, you've got her forever. The other thing about Adrienne is how much attention she gets from guys...it's fun getting on the plane with her cause every man just stares at her, even married men. It's funny to watch!

How close have you guys become?

We always say she's my sister from another mother. I even love her mother. I've begged her mom to adopt me, so I have two moms. 

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What's the most rewarding part about being a host on The Real?

Learning to not be afraid to voice your truth, your opinion, and hearing other people resonate with it. A lot of the time, you think, it's only me who thinks this way...but at the same time, you can hear totally different opinions. A lot of the girls have different perspectives but we love each other anyways. I think that panel...a lot of people can learn from that in life.