15 Reasons Jackie Cruz & Her Bae Are #CoupleGoals

Orange Is the New Black star Jackie Cruz seems to be in love and we can’t say we blame her! Her Mexican boyfriend and artist, Fernando Garcia, not only looks like he just walked off a runway show, but he also says THE cutest things about his dominicana girlfriend. Together, they look like a match made in Latino heaven and here are some photos to prove it.

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1. They Support Each Other

He supports her music, she supports his artwork. Case in point: Fernando's art graces the cover of Jackie's newly released single.


2. They’re About That Fashion Life

From Europe to Brooklyn, their cool, hipster style compliments each other and always makes a statement.

3. A Couple That Travels Together, Stays Together

They have snaps of their trips from Madrid to Mexico.

4. Hats Are Their Thing

They say some people are "hat people" and others aren't. Clearly, a little headgear only makes them hotter.

5. He Professes His Love in Different Languages

He captioned this photo, “Mia principessa”

6. They Believe in Date Night

They know the secret to keeping that spark alive!

7. She Is His Muse

He’s an artist with countless drawing of his woman. Que romántico!

8. They Express Their Love to the World

There’s no shame in their PDA game!

9. They Clean Up Well

When they’re on their “grown and sexy ish,” they do it well.

10. He's Down With the OITNB Crew

How cute is this group photo?!

11. Her Bestie Approves

Life is always easier when your BFF likes your BF and, based on this photo, things seems great in that department! 

12. The Have a Sense of Humor

Wouldn’t they make just the cutest old couple? We think so!  

13. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Just like any couple in love, they Facetime each other when they're apart.


14. They Make an Awesome Lisa Marie and Elvis Presley

We hope to really see a ring and hear wedding bells soon!

15. They Would Make Gorgeous Offspring

His eyes, her hair, and their lips!