13 Items for the Jennifer Lopez Superfan

Jennifer Lopez has captivated the world with her music, films and killer dance moves. But if you just can’t get enough of the Puerto Rican diva, see these 13 items every superfan must own:

1. 1. J.Lo Stickers

J.Lo Stickers

Mark your territory as a superfan and bedazzle your books with J.Lo stickers!

Buy: RedBubble, $3

2. 2. J.Lo Undies

J.Lo Undies

You can never go wrong with a new pair of undies — and these sexy “Dance Again” ones are the perfect gift for any superfan.

Buy: Merchbar, $20

3. 3. J.Lo Dollar Bill

Jennifer Lopez Dollar Bill

Stash a J.Lo dollar bill in your wallet! Who knows, she might even bring you a little bit of luck.

Buy: Etsy, prices vary

4. J.Lo Clock


Don’t know what time it is? No worries. This J.Lo clock has your back! Put it in your room or dorm for some enviable décor.

Buy: Etsy, $10.50

5. 5. J.Lo Hand-Painted Wine Glass

Hand-Painted Wine Glass

Wine, anyone? If you’re in the mood for a classy cup of vino, this hand-painted Jennifer Lopez wine glass will ensure you drink in style.

Buy: Etsy, $30

6. 6. J.Lo Graphic Tee

Graphic Tee

You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd in this J.Lo t-shirt. It embodies everything we love about the 46-year-old megastar: her confidence, her style and glamour. Plus, those bedazzled sunglasses are to die for!

Buy: Etsy, $24.99

7. 7. J.Lo Barbie Doll

Jennifer Lopez Barbie Doll

If you ever wanted your own mini J.Lo, look no further than Barbie’s Jennifer Lopez World Tour doll! The doll comes complete with a sparkly jumpsuit similar to the one Lopez wore in her “On the Floor” music video.

Buy: The Barbie Collection, $24.95

8. 8. J.Lo Button


Add some flare to your bag with this one-of-a-kind J.Lo button.

Buy: Etsy, $6

9. 9. “True Love” Book

True Love Memoir

Lopez pours her heart and soul out in her very first book, making it a must-read for any superfan. Trust us, you won’t want to put the book down!

Buy: Amazon, $15.45

10. 10. J.Lo Iphone 6 case

iPhone Case

Need to make a call? Make sure all your amigas know you’re J.Lo’s number one fan with this super cute phone case.

Buy: Amazon, $13.38

11. 11. J.Lo Poster


If you’ve been obsessed with this diva since her “Jenny from the Block” days, you might want to snag this old-school poster. These throwback photos give us butterflies!

Buy: Amazon, $7.99

12. 12. J.Lo Key Chain

Key Chain

Pimp out your purse, bag or set of keys with this guitar pick J.Lo key chain!

Buy: Amazon, $5.59

13. 13. J.Lo Spiral Notebook

Spiral Notebook

This should be every Lopez superfan's motto: “Keep Calm and Let J.Lo handle it.” This spiral notebook is ideal for school, journaling or even doodling.

Buy: RedBubble, $12