109 Stars You Never Knew Were Latino!

USA Network's hit show Psych is hotter than ever these days and so is its hunky star James Roday. But while most people know everything there is to know about the quirky show -- a lot of people may not know that Roday -- original apellido "Rodriguez" -- is Mexican-American. Que cool, no?

"It's certainly not something people are expecting to hear," Roday once told Latina.com in an interview. "I feel like over the last couple of years, it's gotten out there a little bit more—it's certainly not anything that I've ever made an effort to hide. But initially upon meeting me it generally comes as quite a shock to people," he said with a laugh.

The actor who is also English, Irish and Scottish added that a lot of people "think I'm a White dude. Every once in a while someone thinks I'm Jewish. I get a lot of stuff, but never Latino."

Still, Roday said he identifies with his Latino side of the family. "I grew up about two hours from my grandparents and I saw that side of my family a lot more than I saw my mom's family, because they were in California. I would say in terms of the scales, it was probably tipped 70-30 towards the Mexicans." Very cool, James! 

Check out 108 other stars you never knew were Latino! 

1. Even More Stars: James Roday

James Roday, 34

In an exclusive interview with Latina.com, Psych star James Roday (born James David Rodriguez), explained why he changed his name for Hollywood. "Well, it was two-fold," said the Mexican-American actor, who plays fake psychic Shawn Spencer on the hit USA Network series. "There was a James Rodriguez in SAG—I believe he was a dancer. So I would've had to throw in a middle initial or something—which I didn't think was awesome. And then what really took it home was that the first job I got—which was a sitcom pilot for ABC—one of the execs strongly suggested to me that I consider changing my name, because it was the late 90s and the NAACP was really cracking down on the networks for lack of diversity. They had it in their heads that they were going to catch all kinds of fire for casting a white guy with a Latino name and trying to say, 'look at us, we're being diverse.' This is actually something that they were concerned about," he added. 

2. 105 Stars You Never Knew Were Latino: hulk hogan

Hulk Hogan

Born Terry Eugene Bollea in Augusta, Georgia, this 60-year-old retired WWE wrestler happens to be of Italian, French and Panamanian descent.

3. 15 More: Alex Meneses

Alex Meneses, 46

The gorgeous Alex Meneses tends to play Italian women on television. She was Cookie, Joey Tribiani’s (Matt LeBlanc) sister on the hit comedy, Friends, and she's best known for her role as Robert Barone's (Brad Garrett) sexy Italian lover, Stefania Fogagnolo on the CBS sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond. Still, Meneses isn't Italian—she is of Ukrainian American descent on her mother’s side and of Mexican American descent on her father’s side. The talented actress has said that she was inspired to pursue a career in acting after seeing a fellow Latina (Rita Moreno) in West Side Story (1961).

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4. Another 15: Vanna White

Vanna White, 54

You know her as the legendary hostess of Wheel of Fortune, but White – whose very last name hints that she’s Caucasian— is actually part-Latina! You see, “White” is not Vanna’s real apellido—it’s the name she took from her stepfather Herbert Stackley White Jr., a former real estate agent in North Myrtle Beach.  Not much is known about Vanna’s real father whose name is Miguel Angel Rosich, except that he was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and abandoned the family when she was a child. Fun fact: Rumor has it that one of White's ancestors, whose last name was Barnes, was one of the first mayors of the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico.

5. Never Knew Latina: Kat Von D

Kat Von D, 31

Did you know Kat Von D is Latina? The stunning tattoo artist and reality TV star was born in Mexico and is of Argentinean and Spanish descent. 

6. Vivo: Vanessa Marcil

Vanessa Marcil, 41: This beautiful actress is probably best known for her role as saucy vixen, Gina Kincaid on Aaron Spelling’s hit series, Beverly Hills, 90210, but few know Marcil by her birth name: Sally Vanessa Ortiz. Vanessa was born in Indio, California to parents, Patricia Marcil and Peter Ortiz--a self-made Mexican millionaire!

7. Vivo: David Gallagher

David Gallagher, 25

For ten seasons, David played Simon Camden, a member of one of TV’s whitest families on the long-running family drama, 7th Heaven. But who would’ve guessed that this blonde haired, blue-eyed kid—who also played Mikey Ubriacco (John Travolta’s son) in 1993’s Look Who’s Talking Now—was Latino? Gallagher was born in Flushing, New York to Cubana Elena Lopez

8. Vivo: Sara Paxton

Sara Paxton, 21: Like David, Sara’s got blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, but don’t let that fool you—this is one young lady who’s very proud to be Latina! The daughter of a Scottish and Irish father, Sara’s mother, Lucia was born In Monterrey, Mexico and raised in Ciudad Acuña. Last year, when we asked Sara how people react when they find out she’s Mexican. “They don’t believe me at all," she told us. "I think its because they have this stereotype of what a Hispanic girl is supposed to look like, and I don’t fit that typical look,” We’re proud to have you as one of us, Sara!

9. Vivo: Joanna Garcia

Joanna Garcia, 30: You know her as Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery, a white cheerleader on Reba, and as Megan Smith, a white journalist on the CW’s Privileged, but did you know that this beautiful actress is Cuban? Born in Tampa, Florida to a Spanish-American mother and a Cuban father, last year Joanna became the first Latina to land a recurring role on Gossip Girl, and she had this to say about getting the role: “I'm always proud to be Latin anywhere I go, but the fact that I'm breaking a little ground here makes me very excited!” You go, girl!

10. Vivo: Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel, 28: For seven seasons, we watched Alexis play Rory Gilmore on the hit CW series, Gilmore Girls, but until Latina put her on our cover, few people knew she was one of us. Bledel was born in Houston, Texas to a Mexican mother named Nanette Dozier and an Argentinean dad named Martin. Her first language is Spanish, and she even showed off her Español during an episode of Gilmore Girls.

11. AngelSoftSlide

12. Vivo: Alexa Vega

Alexa Vega, 21: She plays American teenager Ruby Gallagher on the ABC Family comedy, Ruby and the Rockets, but Vega—who first gained recognition for starring as Carmen Cortez in Robert Rodriguez’s Spy Kids—is actually half-Colombian.

13. Vivo: Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin, 33

The Homeland star played Inara Serra on Whedon's hit sci-fi show, Firefly and reprised her role for the feature film Serenity (2005), a space Western film written and directed by Whedon. But in real life, Morena isn’t from another planet—she’s from Brazil! Born in Rio de Janeiro, her mother is Brazilian TV actress Vera Setta, and her father is the Brazilian Record TV News Coordinator, Fernando Baccarin.

14. Vivo: Sonya Walger

Sonya Walger, 35: She might have a thick British accent, but Sonya, who stars as Dr. Olivia Benford on ABC’s FlashForward, is actually half-Argentinean. “My dad is from Buenos Aires and my mom is English” Sonya told Latina.com last year: “I didn’t grow up [in Argentina], but my parents brought me up bilingual and I traveled back and forth my whole life, so I feel English, but I also feel very Argentine.” Sonya says her favorite Argentinean food includes empanadas, carne and chorizo. Atta girl!

15. Vivo: Jeanine Mason

Jeanine Mason, 20:  When Jeanine Mason won the fifth season of FOX’s hit dance competition, So You Think You Can Dance, no one knew this brilliant dancer was Cuban. But the Miami-born Latina—whose aunt sent her pastelitos de guayaba y queso and croquetas during the competition—told Latina.com she couldn’t be prouder of her background: “My entire family is Cuban: My dad’s family and my mom’s family! I am a first-generation cubana americana!”

16. Vivo: Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza, 25: She plays Amy Poehler's slothful college intern, April, on NBC’s hit comedy, Parks and Recreation; but people have a hard time believing that this talented and irreverent comedienne is Latina. “I was like the only diverse kid in my high school, and I'm half-Puerto Rican,” Plaza told Latina.com. “I have a huge family and tons of cousins in Puerto Rico. We actually hung out with them last summer, and it was awesome.”

17. Vivo: Maiara Walsh

Maiara Walsh, 22: She is best known for her roles as the Indian character, Meena Paroom on the Disney Channel series, Cory and the House, and as Eva Longoria Parker’s Mexican niece, Ana, on ABC’s Desperate Housewives, but Maiara Walsh is 100% Brazilian.

18. Vivo: Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi, 26: Rapper, singer and actor Kid Cudi—who currently plays Domingo Brown on HBO’s How to Make it in America—was born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi (hence the moniker). The talented musician first blew up when his song "Day and Night" hit the airwaves last summer, but most people don't know that he is the product of an African American mother and Mexican father.

19. Vivo: Lea Michelle

Lea Michelle , 23: This Broadway alum (Spring Awakening) is the sultry and talented beauty who inspired this gallery. Lea, who’s part Italian-American and part Spanish-Sephardic Jewish, has a voice that is a gift from God. We’re proud that this talented performer is part-Latina, and we can only hope that Lea belts out a song in Spanish on FOX’s Glee in the near future.

20. Vivo: Michael Trevino

Michael Trevino, 25:

You know him as Ozzy, the bad boy with a soft side on the CW’s 90210, and in his current role as Tyler Lockwood on the hit series, The Vampire Diaries, but did you know that Trevino is Mexican? “I'm a full-blooded Mexican,” Michael proudly told Latina.com: “My mother was born in Zacatecas, Mexico, and my father—the son of Mexican immigrants—was born near Fresno, California.”  Michael’s favorite food? “There’s this small taco stand in L.A., and I'll go there and have this Pastor Quesadilla that's to die for! My grandmother also makes great Mexican dishes.”

21. 15 More: Miguel A. Nunez, Jr.

Miguel A. Núñez, Jr. 47

In the popcorn flick Juwanna Mann (2002), Miguel A. Núñez, Jr. stars as Jamal Jefferies, a cross-dressing basketball superstar who keeps part of his identity (the fact that he’s a man!) a secret, in order to play in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). In real life, part of Núñez’s identity is also a secret: while it is widely known that the actor is black, it is not as widely known that he is also half-Dominican.

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22. 15 More: Lana Parrilla

Lana Parrilla, 34

When people first meet Lana Parrilla—one of the stars of ABC's new drama, Once Upon A Time—they don't believe she's Latina. “They think I’m definitely European, but they don’t think I’m Puerto Rican at all…ever," says Parrilla, who's half-Boricua and half-Sicilian. "Maybe it’s because I don’t have the voluptuous figure of a Puerto Rican," she says with a laugh. But Lana adds that she's proud to be Latina and says that some of her features are very Latin. "I have the wide set eyes and the full lips, and those are very distinct Latin features. My hairline definitely is Puerto Rican," she says. 

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23. 15 More: Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick, 44

Most people know him for his Emmy-nominated role as Desmond Hume—a man stranded on the island as the result of a shipwreck—in ABC’s acclaimed series, Lost. But few people know that Henry Ian Cusick is Latino! Despite his Anglo sounding last name, Cusick was born in Trujillo, Peru to a Peruvian mother named Esperanza Chavez and a Scottish father named Henry Joseph Cusick. He lived in Spain growing up and is a fluent Spanish speaker. 

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24. 15 More: Howie Dorough

Howie Dorough, 38

One of the Backstreet Boys is Latino? Score! Despite the fact that his last name ("Dorough") isn’t a common Latino last name, Howie's mother Paula Flores, is Puerto Rican. His father is Irish American. 

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25. 15 More: Linda Christian

Linda Christian, (1923-2011)

Forget Halle Berry—the very first Bond girl was a Latina! Actress Linda Christian, who was born Blanca Rosa Welter in Tamico, Tamaulipas, Mexico to a Mexican mom and a Dutch father, played the first Bond girl when she starred in the 1954 TV adaptation of the James Bond novel, Casino Royale

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26. 15 More: David Blaine

David Blaine, 38

For his next trick, David Blaine will become...Latino! The illusionist and endurance artist, who has set a number of world records with his close-up magic, is the son of a Russian Jewish mother named Patrice Maureen White, and a Puerto Rican father named William Perez.

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27. 15 More: Anita Page

Anita Page (1910-2008)

Anita Page (AKA Anita Evelyn Pomares) was an immensely popular actress of the silent film era, who reportedly received more fan mail than anyone else on the MGM lot (save of course for Gretta Garbo). Anita was of Spanish ancestry and her grandfather was a consul from El Salvador. During the 1920s, she was often referred to as “a blond, blue-eyed Latin.”

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28. 15 More: John Gavin

John Gavin, 80

John Gavin—who starred as Sam Loomis (Janet Leigh’s boyfriend) in the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho (1960) is half-Irish and half-Mexican! A former United States Ambassador to Mexico, Gavin's mother Delia Pablos was a member of the powerful Pablos family in the Mexican state of Sonora. The talented actor, who was also well known for playing Julius Casear in Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus (also released in 1960), speaks fluent Spanish.

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29. 15 More: Linda Perry

Linda Perry, 46

Seasoned producer and songwriter Linda Perry is known for founding two record labels, and for writing and producing hit songs like Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful,” Pink’s "Get This Party Started” and Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For?” But few people know that the talented producer—who has a Portuguese American mother—is half-Brazilian on her father's side. 

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30. 15 More: Carlos Marin

Carlos Marín, 42

Not all of the members of Simon Cowell's multi-platinum supergroup, Il Divo are British. Carlos Marin, who helped the group sell 5 million copies of their debut album worldwide in 2004, is Spanish. As a child, Marin competed on Spanish television shows like "Gente Joven" (Young People) and "Nueva Gente" (New People).  And when Il Divo releases its next album in November, Marin will be singing a cover of Chris Isaak’s "Wicked Game" in Spanish. 

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31. 15 More: Meagan Good

Meagan Good, 30

We loved her as Jacqui Dandrige, Gabrielle Union's codependent little sister in the rom-com, Deliver Us From Eva (2003), and we know her from all of the Black women she’s played on television, on shows like My Wife and KidsMoesha and The Steve Harvey Show. But Meagan Good says she’s not just African American—she’s also part-Latina. "My mother’s father was Cherokee and something else. My dad’s mother is Puerto Rican and African American, and his father was from Barbados," says Good.

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32. 15 More: Gina Ravera

Gina Ravera45

On seasons 1-4 of TNT’s hit show, The Closer (2005-2009), Gina Ravera played Irene Daniels—a detective at the LAPD Priority Homicide Department. The actress is also well known for her role as Dr. Bettina DeJesus on the long-running medical drama, ER. She’s half-African American and half-Puerto Rican on her father’s side.

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33. 15 More: Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer, 56

Voiceover actor Miguel Ferrer is well known for a number of roles including the part of Eduardo Ruiz in the Oscar-winning film, Traffic (2000). What is not as well known about the actor—who has one of the most distinctive voices in Hollywood—is that he’s the son of Puerto Rican Academy Award-winning actor, Jose Ferrer.

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34. 15 More: Oscar Isaac

Oscar Issac, 31

He may have changed his common Hispanic last name (“Hernandez”) to avoid being typecast in Latino roles, but Oscar Issac—who has starred in movies like The Nativity Story (2006) and Robin Hood (2009)—was born in Guatemala to a Cuban father named Oscar G. Hernandez and a Guatemalan mother named Maria.

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35. 15 Mas: Melissa DeSousa

Melissa DeSousa, 43

Melissa DeSousa is best known for her role as Shelby, the manipulative, calculating and needy girlfriend of Harold Perrineau’s character Julian Murch in The Best Man (1999) — a movie that featured an all-Black cast. But DeSousa — who is also known for her role as outspoken Latina Lesbian Karen Krantz (“Miss New York”) in the Sandra Bullock comedy, Miss Congeniality (2000)— is an Afro-Latina of Panamanian descent. "Most people do know that I am Latina at this point," DeSousa tells Latina.com. "However, they usually ask the same questions: Are you Dominican? (Thinking most Dominicans are dark skinned), or because I'm from New York I must be Puerto Rican. Or they will ask 'are both of your parents Latino? What are you mixed with? Not realizing Latinos are all different complexions," she said. 



36. 15 Mas: Ted Williams

Ted Williams, (1918-2002)

It is widely known that baseball Hall of Famer, Ted Williams (Boston Red Sox) has Welsh and Irish roots, but his Mexican roots (his mother was Mexican), are not as well documented because Williams purposely hid them from the world. “If I had my mother’s name, there is no doubt I would have run into problems in those days, {considering} the prejudices people had in Southern Calfornia,” Williams said in his 1969 autobiography, “My Turn At Bat.” Williams' dilemma isn't something that athletes today have to go through. No one cares that athletes like Oscar De La Hoya, Eduardo Najera and Mark Sanchez are Mexican — they only care that they're great at what they do. That's how it should be!


37. 15 Mas: Q'Orianka Kilcher

Q'orianka Kilcher, 21

With a first name like “Q’orianka,” few people think of Q’orianka Kilcher — who is best known for her role as Pocahontas in the Terrence Malick film, The New World (2005) — as a Latina. But in fact, the name Q’orianka translates to “golden eagle” in Quechua, the official language of the Inca Empire and an official language in Peru. Kilcher’s mother is of Swiss descent, but her father is a native South American artist from Madre de Dios, Peru. In 2006, the talented young actress — who speaks fluent Spanish — won an Alma Award for Best Latin Actress in a Feature Film for The New World

38. 15 Mas: Majandra Delfino

Majandra Delfino, 30

Actress Majandra Delfino (Roswell, State of Georgia), was born in Caracas, Venezuela to a Cuban mother and Venezuelan father. She got the name Majandra because her older sister, Marieh couldn’t pronounce her birth name (Maria Alejandra) and gave her the nickname Majandra, which stuck. Majandra, who is proud of her Latin roots, tells Latina.com that people in L.A. have a hard time believing she’s Latina. “People here are very limited in their exposure to South Americans,” she says. “They say, 'But you're white!' and I say 'yes we come in pale too.' Then they go, 'but you have green eyes!' and I'm like, 'Yup we have that too.' And then they go, 'but you don't look Mexican!' and I'm like, 'Because I'm not.' it's pretty hilarious. When you have a name like Majandra, the conversation just can't help but come up!” she adds. 

39. 15 Mas: Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr., (1925-1990).

Entertainer Sammy Davis Jr, the only non-white member of Frank Sinatra’s “Rat Pack,” was born in New York City to an African American father (Sammy Davis, Sr., and a Puerto Rican mother named Elvera Sanchez, who was born in San Juan. Or so he said. In Black and White, a 2003 biography of Sammy Davis Jr, author Wil Haygood wrote that Davis Jr’s mother was actually Cuban, and argued that Sammy only said he was Puerto Rican because he was scared that the anti-Cuban backlash of the time would hurt his career.


40. 15 Mas: Daniel Bruhl

Daniel Brühl, 33

This German actor — best known for his roles as Alex Kerner in Good Bye Lenin! (2004) and German war hero Fredrick Zoller in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds (2009) — was actually born in Catalonia, Spain to a German father and a Spanish (Catalan) mother. Brühl, (who was born Daniel Cesar Martin Brühl Gonzalez Domingo) speaks fluent Spanish and even starred in a Spanish-language biopic about the life of Spanish anarchist, Salvador Puig. How do you say proud Latino in German? 



41. 15 Mas: Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson, 65

Reggie Jackson (born Reginald Martinez Jackson) is the legendary New York Yankee who everyone thought was Black, but who is actually Latino.  Jackson, whose father, Martinez Jackson, was half Puerto Rican and played in the Negro Leagues, has been quoted as saying he is “proud of my Latin blood.” Clara, the mother of “Mr. October” (as the right-fielder was affectionately known), was also of Hispanic descent.


42. 15 Mas: Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly Guilfoyle, 42

Who says there are no Latinos on FOX News? Kimberly Guilfoyle, a regular contributor on FOX News Channel’s Geraldo at Large, The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity and Colmes — and the former host of the FOX one-hour crime-based program, The Lineup — was born in San Francisco to a Puerto Rican mother and an irish father. 

43. 15 Mas: Chris Weitz

Chris Weitz, 41

Chris Weitz, the guy who directed Kirsten Stewart and Rob Pattinson in Twilight: New Moon (2009) is Latino royalty! The Oscar-nominated helmer's maternal grandmother is Mexican actress and screen siren Lupita Tovar, who starred in Mexico's first talkie in 1932, as well as the Spanish-language version of Bela Lugosi's, Dracula



44. 15 Mas: Mark Ballas

Mark Ballas, 25

Professional ballroom dancer Mark Ballas (Dancing With the Stars) is half-Greek, and half-Mexican. Ballas’ paternal grandmother was named Maria Luisa Marulanda Ballas — and while she is not Latina herself — Ballas' mother, Shirley Ballas is an award-winning dancer who won the 1995 International Latin American Dance Champsionship, earning the nickname “The Queen of Latin.” 


45. 15 Mas: Christian Camargo

Christian Camargo/Christian Minnick, 39

When Christian Camargo — best known for his role as Brian Moser (“The Ice Truck Killer”) on Showtime's Dexter — was born, his grandfather, Mexican-American actor, Ralph Camargo convinced Christian’s mother to change her name to something Anglicized, because he felt like he had lost opportunities in acting due to his Latino background. Christian’s mother obliged and changed her name to Minnick — which was Christian’s last name for some time. But the proud Mexican-American didn't keep the name for long. He changed his name back to Camargo. 



46. 15 Mas: Nicole Anderson

Nicole Gale Anderson, 20

Though you probably wouldn’t know it by looking at her, Nicole — who is known for her roles as Macy Misa on the Disney series, Jonas L.A., (2009-2010) and as Kelly Parker on ABC Family’s Make It or Break It (2009-2011) — is a mix of several ethnic backgrounds including Swedish on her father’s side and Filipino and Spanish on her mother’s side.  

47. 15 Mas: Stefano Langone

Stefano Langone, 22

You know him as the handsome Italian contestant who came in seventh place on American Idol season 10, but Stefano Langone — whose dad is Italian — is also half-Latino. “My mother is Mexican and Spanish," Stefano tells us. No wonder he and J.Lo were so quick to bond!

48. 15 Mas: Alex Meraz

Alex Meraz, 26

Best known for his role as Paul, a shapeshifter who is best friends with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) in Twilight: New Moon (2009) and Twilight: Eclipse (2010), Alex Meraz is half-Mexican.


49. 15 Mas: Rachel Ticotin

Rachel Ticotin, 52

While a lot of people know that Rachel Ticotin kicked Sharon Stone in the stomach during their brutal fight scene in the sci-fi blockbuster Total Recall (1990), not everyone knows that Ticotin is Hispanic. Ticotin’s father, Abe Ticotin is a Russian Jewish used car salesman, but her mother, Iris Torres is a Puerto Rican educator.


50. 15 Musicians: Kelis

Kelis, 30:
Harlem native Kelis Jones’ biggest hit was “Milkshake” and that sort of describes her ethnic background, as well. Her father, Kenneth, is African-American and her mother, Eveliss, is Puerto Rican and Chinese. The Boricua side was especially palpable during the holidays when her family celebrated “Noche Buena”: “[We had] pernil and we always had coquito,” the singer once told Rap-Up.com.

51. 15 Musicians: Fabolous

Fabolous, 32:
Brooklyn-bred rapper John “Fabolous” Jackson “Can’t Deny It”—as his first hit single was called back in 2001—that he’s half Dominican on his father’s side. That may explain why he has so many pretty Latinas in his videos. Maybe we can find some other clues in his last album, Loso’s Way, which he describes as autobiographical.

52. 15 Musicians: Zack de la Rocha

Zack de la Rocha, 40:
Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha has always spoken up against racial inequality. Most recently, he led dozens of musicians to boycott Arizona as a sign of protest against the state’s controversial immigration law SB 1070. The rapper must have inherited that fighting spirit from his grandfather, a Sinaloan revolutionary who fought in the Mexican Revolution.

53. 15 Musicians: Maxwell

Maxwell, 37:
It’s quite possible R&B crooner Maxwell (born Gerald Maxwell Rivera) owes some of his silky smooth style to being half Boricua. Just don’t try to put him in a box:  “I’m really multicultural,” he told Time magazine in February. “My mom is from Haiti. My dad’s from Puerto Rico. I was born in Brooklyn. I read Proust. Your heritage is your heritage, but your soul is truly who you are.” And we know he has plenty of soul!

54. 15 Musicians: Fergie

Fergie, 35:
Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie may just be 1/18th Mexican but we’re claiming her as one of us. How could we not? In 2008, she broke down her roots for Latina.com: “My dad’s grandmother is from Guanjauanto. I’m very proud of it; that’s probably where I get my fire!,” said the Duchess, who also has Irish and Scottish heritage.

55. 15 Musicians: Taboo

Taboo, 35:
Taboo, of the Black Eyed Peas, has been known to yell “Viva Mexico!” during performances as a nod to his Mexican heritage. His dad is from Morelia and his mom is of Shoshone Indian descent. The rapper, whose real name is Jaime Luis Gómez, even taught himself Spanish. “My parents never spoke to me in Spanish but I love to practice,” he once said in an interview. “I learned watching [Mexican] movies with Capulina, Tin Tan, Resortes, El Chavo del Ocho. Sometimes I choke up but it’s great to know [the language].”

56. 15 Musicians: B-Real

B-Real, 40:
If you hadn’t guessed it from the song “Armada Latina,” Cypress Hill’s B-Real is as Latino as they come. The half-Mexican, half-Cuban rapper helped pave the way for other emcees bearing South of the Border credentials: “Latinos were there at the beginning of hip hop, but we don’t get the credit for that,” he told Austin Vida magazine last year. “I’d like to see as many [of] us as possible get in the game and make it.” That’s the spirit!

57. 15 Musicians: Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars, 25:
You’ve seen this Hawaii native’s boyish good looks and heard his sweet vocals on hits like B.o.B’s “Nothin’ on You” and Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire,” but did you know that he’s part Puerto Rican? Yep, Bruno Mars (born Peter Hernandez), who is usually referred to as just Filipino, is a halfsie.

58. 15 Musicians: Cassie

Cassie, 22:
R&B singer Cassie (aka Cassandra Ventura), who gave us the hit song “Me & U” back in 2006 and is currently working on her new album, draws inspiration from artists like Jennifer Lopez and La Lupe. She can definitely relate to these Latinas, at least in part: Her mom is half Mexican and half West Indian, while her dad is Filipino. “I’m a little melting pot,” she told Complex Magazine in 2008.

59. 15 Musicians: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, 18:
Tween queen Demi Lovato didn’t just play a Latina in the 2008 Disney movie Camp Rock (her character’s name was Mitchie Torres), but she is one, too. The Texas native was born as Demetria Devonne Lovato to a Mexican father and an Italian-Irish mother. And though she barely speaks Spanish, she does sing in the language, as evidenced by her song “Lo Que Soy.”

60. 15 Musicians: Melody Thornton

Melody Thornton, 25:
Not many folks know that former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton is a Latina. “A lot of people are not aware that I am 50 percent Mexican-American,” she told Chilosa.com in 2007. “I embrace that part of me.” This is especially the case when it comes to Thanksgiving. “We never miss out on the tamales, tortillas and frijoles and we do all the American traditions, too,” she added.

61. 15 Musicians: Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz, 25:
Multi-talented Taio Cruz is a triple threat (singer, songwriter and producer) that can “break, break your heart,” or so he sings in his album Rokstarr. So watch out, ladies! The British artist was born in London to a Nigerian dad and a Brazilian “mum.”

62. 15 Musicians: Trina

Trina, 32:
Usually described as raw and raunchy, Miami emcee Trina has been rapping for 10 years now. And in all that time, we bet you didn’t realize she is half Dominican. That’s probably because the Latin side was never part of her upbringing. “My dad’s family is from the Dominican Republic. I don’t really know them like that; he hasn’t been a part of my life since forever,” she once told BallerStatus.net. Regardless, she made an effort to learn Spanish in high school but it didn’t stick. Fortunately, that hasn’t hurt her music career. Her latest, and fifth, album is titled Amazin’.

63. 15 Musicians: Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz, 29:
Did you know Alicia Keys’ new husband is Boricua? So true! Producer and rapper Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean, who has worked with everyone from Beyonce to Jay-Z, was born in the boogie down Bronx to a Jamaican father and a Puerto Rican mother. And if you consider that Keys is of Scottish, Irish, Italian and African American descent, than the couple’s baby (due in November) is going to be super multi-racial.

64. 15 Musicians: Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro, 43:
Dave Navarro is one of the orginal members of legendary alternative rock band Jane's Addiction. Although the band broke up in 1991, he is still regarded as one of the best contemporary rock guitarists. He has also played with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns & Roses. In the past, Navarro has spoken openly about the fact that his paternal grandfather was a Mexican immigrant. Navarro is the only member of his family on his father's side that doesn't speak Spanish—when his parents divorced when he was seven, he went to live with his American mother for the majority of his formative years.

65. Another 15: Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter, 44 

Best known for her role as Marla Singer in Fight Club, and her Oscar-nominated turn in this year’s The King’s Speech, Helena Bonham Carter was born in Golders Green, London to a British father named Raymond Bonham Carter and a French-Spanish mother named Elena Propper de Callejon. Helena’s maternal grandfather, Spanish diplomat Eduardo Propper de Callejón, saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust during World War II, for which he was recognized as Righteous among the Nations. He also served as Minister-Counselor at the Spanish Embassy in Washington, D.C. Talk about having a place in Spanish history!

66. Another 15: Andrew Keegan

Andrew Keegan, 32

Andrew Keegan has made a career out of playing all-American pretty boys in films like Camp Nowhere (1994), 10 Things I Hate About You (1999), O (2001), and the TV shows 7th Heaven and Party of Five. But who would’ve guessed that Keegan—born Andrew Keegan Ocampo— is the son of a Colombian hairdresser named Lana? Even though he’s never played a Latino, rumor has it Andrew speaks fluent español.

67. Another 15: Heather Hemmens

Heather Hemmens, 21

Though some people might think she’s African American, Heather Hemmens, who played fan-favorite Alice Verdura on the CW’s hit series Hellcats is 100% Latina and proud of it! The part-Costa Rican actress—whose father is White, recently told Latina.com: "When someone says ‘Tell me about yourself,’  I wish I could answer simply, ‘I'm Latina!’ There's not much more to it. I love dancing, eating and I have sass that I make no apologies for."

68. Another 15: Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman, 40

She may have starred in Pulp Fiction, but here’s a fact for you: Uma Thurman’s mother Nena von Schlebrügge was a model born in Mexico City in 1941.  


69. Another 15: Noomi Rapace

Noomi Rapace, 31

Many know actress Noomi Rapace from her breakout role as Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish/Danish film, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009), but few know that Noomi—whose mother Nina Norén is Swedish—has a Spanish father, a Flamenco singer named Rogelio Durán.

70. Another 15: Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong, 33

With a name like Edward Furlong, it’s safe to say nobody pegged this former child actor—who is best known as John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)—as Latino. But Furlong, the son of Mexicana Eleanor Tafoya Torres has never kept his Latin background a secret. “I know I’m part Mexican and part Russian, but I’m pretty sure there’s [also] some Native American in there,” he has said.  The actor, who is also a former model for Calvin Klein, is set to star in the 2011 Mexican film, “This is Not a Movie,” which was written and directed by Olallo Rubio.

71. Another 15: Jo Frost

Joanne “Jo” Frost, 39

We know what you’re thinking: TV’s British Supernanny, the lady with the thick British accent, is Latina? – no way! But in fact, Joanne “Jo” Frost is the daughter of an English father and a Gibraltar-born mother.

72. Another 15: Joan Smalls

Joan Smalls (22)

One of the newest faces of Estée Lauder is model Joan Smalls, who hails from the Puerto Rican town of Hatillo and rose to fame when she was chosen to walk exclusively for Givenchy’s Fall 2010 couture show in Paris.  Estée Lauder Global Brand President Jane Hertzmark Hudis said, “She truly reflects Estée Lauder’s modern vision of global beauty.”

73. Another 15: Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen, 42

Supermodel Helena Christensen was born in Denmark to a Danish father and a Peruvian mother. In 2009, she traveled to her mother’s homeland for an exhibition on climate change and completed a photo series called “Portraits of Peru,” where she learned about the country’s problems—both economic and environmental. “Throughout my childhood we made trips to Peru, but it wasn't until I returned about three years ago that I felt a sense of belonging,” Helena has said. “I'm grateful that by taking photographs of what I see I have the opportunity to raise a tiny bit of awareness about what is happening.”

74. Another 15: Mike Catherwood

Mike Catherwood, 31

After his charming appearance on Live! With Regis and Kelly, we checked out this California radio VJ’s background, and were thrilled to discover that he’s Mexican! “Psycho Mike,” as he’s affectionately known to his listeners on KROQ-FM’s Kevin and Bean, is known for his impersonations of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and he’s muy caliente! Perhaps that’s why Kelly Ripa gave him the nickname Mark Consuelos 2.0!

75. Another 15: Sarah Shahi

Sara Shahi, 31

We asked Fairly Legal star Sara Shahi (born Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi) if people peg her as Latina when they meet her and here’s what she dished: “I get everything – I’ve gotten everything from Latin to Italian to Polynesian,” said Shahi, whose mom is part Spanish and dad is Iranian. Fun fact: Sarah also played Mexican-American DJ Carmen de la Pica Morales on the second season of Showtime's hit series, The L Word (2004).

76. Another 15: Sabrina Bryan

Sabrina Bryan, 26

Most people know that Adrienne Bailon of The Cheetah Girls is Latina, but with a last name like Bryan, not everyone knows that her fellow cheetah Sabrina is also Latina. Born Reba Sabrina Hinojos, Sabrina’s father is Mexican and her mother is Caucasian. Maybe they should have been called “Las Chicas Cheetah” instead?

77. Another 15: Daniella Monet

Daniella Monet, 22

Best known for playing Katrina “Trina” Vega in the Nickelodeon sitcom, Victorious, most people don’t believe that Daniella Monet is half-Chilean.

78. Another 15: Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery, 18

Is it true that American Idol contestant Scotty McCreery, a cowboy from Garner, North Carolina whose music idols include Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, is part-Latino? All we can say to that is, “Yes ma’am!”

79. Even More Stars: Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster, 30

This brunette bombshell’s first role was as all-American teen queen, Delilah Profitt in Robert Rodriguez’s cult film, The Faculty (1998). But Jordana was actually born in Panama City, Panama and her mother, Maria João, is a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model from Brazil. Jordana lived in Brazil for several years and speaks fluent Portuguese.


80. Even More Stars: J. August Richards

J. August Richards, 39

J. August Richards (whose first name is Jaime) is of Panamanian descent. The actor, best known for his role as vampire hunter Charles Gunn on the WB’s hit show, Angel, explained the etymology of his name: My parents are from Panama, and so there's a primary AND a secondary stress on my first name, Jaime, so it sounds like HIGH-MAY,” Richards explained. “And my middle name is actually Augusto [Ah-GOOS-toe], so that's tough too.” How cool is that?!

81. Even More Stars: Joanna Kerns

Joanna Kerns, 57

From 1985-1992, Joanna Kerns played the quintessential American mom Maggie Seaver in the family comedy classic, Growing Pains. Kerns was born Joanna Crussie DeVarona and is of mixed Mexican/Irish descent (her father David is Mexican American and her mother Martha is Irish-American).

82. Even More Stars: Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper, 43

Emmy-winning TV personality Anderson Cooper comes from English, Irish and Dutch ancestry—but rumor has it AC also has some Spanish heritage in his family. Cooper’s great-great-grandmother Luisa Fernández de Valdivieso settled in Chile in the 17th century.


83. Even More Stars: Sarah Ramos

Sarah Ramos, 19

Sarah is of Hispanic and Jewish descent, but you’d never know it by watching her play all-American girl Haddie Braverman on NBC’s Parenthood.

84. Even More Stars: Wade Dominguez

Wade Domínguez (1966-1998)

Wade’s breakout role was as badass Emilio Ramirez in the Michelle Pfeiffer drama, Dangerous Minds (1995). Dominguez died suddenly on August 26, 1998 of respiratory failure at the age of 32.

85. Even More Stars: Faison Love

Faizon Love, 42

With a name like Faizon Love, it’s easy to understand why people wouldn’t peg Faizon as Latino. But the actor, who recently starred in the comedy, Couples Retreat is of Afro-Cuban descent. His real name is Langston Faizon Santisima and he was born in Santiago de Cuba in the southeastern area of Cuba.

86. Even More Stars: Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch, 70

International sex symbol and golden globe winning actress, Raquel Welch was born Jo Raquel Tejada. While her mother Josephine Sarah came from English ancestry, her father Armando Carlos Tejada Urquizo is of Bolivian and Spanish descent.

87. Even More Stars: Marlin Thomas Santana

Merlin Thomas Santana (1976 – 2002)

Although he starred on two shows with almost entirely African American casts (The Cosby Show & The Steve Harvey Show), Santana’s parents are both Dominican. Santana died on November 9, 2002 at the age of 26 when he was shot six times in the head in South Los Angeles.

88. Even More Stars: Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne, 13

Bella Thorne has been a series regular on shows like HBO’s Big Love and the Disney Channel series, Dance Dance Chicago and some say she’s the next Miley Cyrus. If so, then the next Miley Cyrus is definitely Cuban!

89. Even More Stars: Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter, 59

The Marvel character Wonder Woman isn’t Latina, but Lynda Carter, the woman who first portrayed her on the 1970 TV series The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, is. Carter’s father is of Irish American descent while her mother Juana Cordova is of Mexican heritage.

90. Even More Stars: Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz, 24

The son of a Puerto Rican father and an Italian mother, Muniz is best known as the title character in the FOX sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle.

91. Even More Stars: Reagan Gomez-Preston

Reagan Gomez-Preston, 30

Though she’s the daughter of an African American father, Reagan Gomez-Preston is part-Latina (her mother Cheryl Gomez is Puerto Rican). From her first role as Zarla Peterson on The Parent ‘Hood, to her roles on shows One on One and the UPN sitcom, Love Inc, Gomez-Preston always plays African American characters. She is currently starring as Roberta Tubbs, an African American, on FOX’s animated Family Guy spinoff, The Cleveland Show.

92. Even More Stars: Courtney Ford

Courtney Ford, 32

Courtney Ford never plays Latina characters, but that doesn’t make her any less Latin or any less proud of her Hispanic roots: “On my mom’s side, my grandparents were born in New Mexico and their parents were born in New Mexico and their parents were born in New Mexico,” Ford explained to us. “And I think New Mexico was admitted into the Union in 1912. My great grandparents were born in 1916. So their parents were born in New Mexico before New Mexico was even part of the United States. Isn’t that crazy?”


93. 15 More Stars: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie, 28: Socialite, reality star and sometimes actress, Nicole Richie is known as Lionel Richie’s adopted daughter—the key word there being, “adopted.” Richie was actually born Nicole Camille Escovedo to a Mexican mother.

94. 15 More Stars: Tristan Wilds

Tristan Wilds, 20: A lot of people have a hard time believing that Tristan Wilds—the star of the CW’s hit drama, 90210—is half-Dominican. “I get offered a lot of black roles, because apparently I don’t look Latino enough,” the former Wire star told the NY Daily News in 2008. But that hasn’t stopped Tristan from wearing his Latin pride on his sleeve. Asked what it’s like to shoot in California, the New York native said, “I love L.A., don't get me wrong. But I'm a really big fan of Latin food. I want to go back home and have some good arroz con pollo.”

95. 15 More Stars: Odette Yustman

Odette Yustman, 25: Although her first role was a Latin one—at the age of four she played the minor role of Spanish student Rosa in Kindergarten Cop (1990)—few know that Odette Yustman, with those girl-next-door looks, is Latin. But the former star of the ABC drama October Road and the big screen horror flick, The Unborn, is half Cuban. “I learned Spanish at home and, since half my family didn’t speak English, it’s my first language,” says Yustman.

96. 15 More Stars: Tatyana Ali

Tatyana Ali, 31: She’s one of the greatest child actors of all time, and has a reputation for being a great R & B singer. But there’s one thing that Tatyana “Marisol” Ali isn’t known for: Her Latin background. Yes, folks, Ashley Banks of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and the star of the current BET web series, Buppies, is of Afro-Panamian descent on her mother’s side!

97. 15 More Stars: Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash, 44

She's best known for her hilarious turn as Dionne, Alicia Silverstone’s bitchy BFF in the 1995 film Clueless. But did you know that Stacey—who went on to star in the television spinoff of the same name from 1996-1999—is actually part Mexican?

98. 15 More Stars: Marisol Nichols

Marisol Nichols, 36: Who knew Chevy Chase had a Latina daughter? Marisol Nichols, who is best known for her role as Chevy's daughter Audrey Griswold in the popular comedy Vegas Vacation (1997), may look like a young Demi Moore, but the beautiful actress is also part Mexican.

99. 15 More Stars: Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice, 17:  Victoria, who is of Puerto Rican descent on her mother’s side, represents for Latinas everywhere as the character Tori Vega, a young Latina who struggles to find her place at an elite Hollywod performing arts high school on Victorious.

100. 15 More Stars: Alana de la Garza

Alana de la Garza, 33: Alana may have the fair skin and complexion of someone like Ashley Judd or Winona Ryder, but make no mistake: This beautiful actress—who plays A.D.A Connie Rubirosa on NBC’s Law & Order, is part-Mexican.

101. 15 More Stars: Eva La Rue

Eva LaRue, 43: This Long Beach, California native who stars on CSI: Miami is a mix of many different ethnicities, including French, Dutch and Scottish ancestries. But she’s also Puerto Rican. LaRue may not have a “typical Latin look,” but she’s always gone out of her way to represent for Latinas by playing Latin roles. She was the second Lina Lorenzo (George’s Lopez’s sister) on The George Lopez Show, and currently stars as Natalia Boa Vista on CSI.

102. 15 More Stars: Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach, 34: Alanna is known for portraying funny white women in movies and television. On HBO's hit comedy, Hung, she plays a fabulous cougar named Yael Koontz, but did you know that Alanna is 100% Latina? She's half-Mexican and half-Puerto Rican! True story: The producers of the Ben Stiller comedy Meet the Fockers (2004) put fat cushions and grey hair on Alanna so she could play the role of 40-year-old Cuban maid named Isabel Villalobos.

103. 15 More Stars: Harry Shum Jr.

Harry Shum Jr., 28: You know that kid on Glee who is always dancing around in the background and is kindly referred to as “the other Asian” on the show? Well, his name is Harry Shum Jr. and he’s actually a Tico! Born in Costa Rica to Chinese parents, "I feel I have the best of so many worlds,” says Shum. “I speak Chinese and Spanish.”

104. 15 More Stars: Shar Jackson

Shar Jackson, 33: You might remember Shar from her role as Niecy Jackson, Brandi’s best friend on the UPN show, Moesha. But chances are you probably know her best as the girl who had all that baby-mama drama with Kevin Federline and Britney Spears. Either way, did you know that Shar is also Puerto Rican and Mexican on her father’s side?

105. 15 More Stars: Snooki

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, 21: Nicole (better known as “Snooki”) may star as an Italian guidette on MTV’s hottest reality show, The Jersey Shore, but the reality is that Nicole is actually of Chilean descent. She was adopted and raised by Italian parents. That makes us wonder if people from Chile are big on GTL?

106. 15 More Stars: JWoww

Jenni "JWoww" Farley, 23: Snooki’s partner in crime, JWoww is a beautiful girl with a great body who is extremely loyal to her friends. (Hey! We should’ve known she was Latina!) But we admit we had no idea she was until the reality star visited Fox News Channel’s The Strategy Room and admitted that she is not of Italian descent, but rather Spanish. We admit, that made us say, "Wow!"

107. 15 More Stars: Shayne Lamas

Shayne Lamas, 24: Don’t let the blond hair fool you! Shayne Lamas—star of the E! reality series, Leave it to Lamas—is the daughter of 90s heartthrob Lorenzo Lamas, and like her father, she’s proud to be from Argentina.

108. Vivo: Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter, 42

She's best known for playing Cordelia Chase—a conceited and popular teenager who reluctantly joins “The Scooby Gang” in Whedon’s hit TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But we’re betting you didn’t know that this talented beauty—who also starred on Whedon's Buffy spinoff, Angel—is Latina! Charisma’s dad might be French and German, but her mom is a mix of Cherokee and Spanish. The actress lived in Rosarito City, Mexico during her teen years.

109. Stars You Never Knew: David Lambert

David Lambert

The 20-year-old star plays Brandon Foster on ABC Family's The Fosters - older brother to Cierra Ramirez and Jake T. Austin's characters. Lambert is half Puerto Rican and speaks fluent Spanish.