10 Reasons Why J. Lo Is the Ultimate Bun Queen

Jennifer Lopez isn't just the queen of round bums, she also reigns in the world of hair! Check out 10 reasons why the World of Dance producer defines #bunsonfleek.


1. She turns a simple bun into something so elegant.

2. Meetings with fashion designers? A tight, well-kept bun will do.

3. Her loose bun is a perfect touch for any romantic night out.

4. Even when she's showing off her abs, her messy-bun looks amazing.

5. The bun is always making an appearance! Even if it's mini, it looks good.

6. Her 'fresh-faced, bun hair, don't care' look is flawless.

7. Pretty bathrooms have nothing on that hairdo.

8. Jenny from the block makes a bun look just as sexy with jeans as she does with a body-con mini.

9. While most of us look bald taking a bun selfie, she teaches us a thing or two about angles.

10. Last but not least, she adds a little Latina flare with those braids.