10 Reasons Why Adrienne Bailon Gives Us Major #lifegoals

Whether she's jet-setting, decorating her amazing home, chilling with fam, or dressed to the nines, there's no doubt that the Emmy-nominated host of The Real, and singer (she's currently working on a Christmas album) is living her best life. Here are some of her best moments and why she contines to inspire us. 

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1. She Practices Self-Care


When Adrienne set off for Paris a couple of years ago to study fashion, art history and photography for the summer—by herself—we were in awe.

2. She Travels the World


Greece, Cuba, Domincan Republic and Paris, of course, are just a few of the amazing global hot spots Adrienne has visited.

3. And Takes Romantic Road Trips


Adrienne and her hubby recently spent time driving around the U.S. (pictured here in Savannah, Georgia), making sure to stop for tasty treats and sick photo opps.

4. She Bought Her Dream House


Growing up in NYC, Adrienne spent her life living in apartments. When she bought her first house, we all did a collective roof-raise.

5. She Stays Humble


Adrienne captioned this pretty photo of herself on IG:

"i get it that on instagram we show all the glamorous things & so much of it can appear out of reach. we show a lifestyle that just isn't realistic for most... some even think it's just showing off. but let's see it with a different perspective... get inspired. i know it's hard at times but here's a REAL story. when i didn't have money to even get an $8 manicure (be wise with your money kids lol.) i learned how to do it myself. i would sit in my studio apt in el barrio nyc... (I didn't even have a kitchen. just a microwave & a dorm room half fridge. no tub. just a shower that i couldn't even fully extend my arms in. ha. real life.) i decorated it all white. kept it super clean. collected any lil Eiffel towers i could find & i'd buy cheap white candles & fresh carnations (the cheapest but last long!) from the corner bodega. i would watch my sex & the city dvds & swear i was Carrie Bradshaw - "When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more." lol. anyway... I digress. the point is, even in a crappy, hole in the wall, walk up apt... i created my special place. i envisioned, prayed & worked hard for the life i dreamed of... i believed i was already there & i was HAPPY. I was so freaken happy in that place. crazy thing is it's one of my favorite places i ever lived & it's a constant reminder of where i came from & it makes me appreciate my beautiful home now that much more. but, most importantly... guess what?! if I had to go back there tomorrow... i swear I'd still be so happy. the grand things are nice... but do they REALLY MATTER? No.
so today no matter where you are... create your own little chic happy place & dream... dream big! look at Instagram & simply get inspired not upset... you don't know that persons whole story. God has a plan for YOUR life. enjoy the journey. Every. Step. Of. The. Way. besos xo

6. She Married Her Soulmate in a Fairytale Wedding


The most romantic city in the world was the perfect backdrop for the most romantic day of Adrienne's life.

7. And Had a Hot Honeymoon in St. Lucia


Is there a sexier way to start a brand new life together?

8. She Cherishes Familia


It's clear that Adrienne's mom and her sister mean the world to her.

9. She's at the Top of Her Game


Adrienne and her co-hosts have been nominated for three Emmys for their work on The Real. 

10. She Looks Like THIS in Lingerie


Last—but certainly not least—Adrienne's killer bod also gives us #gymgoals.