You'll Fall in Love With These 10 Little Selena Impersonators!

More than two decades after her death, Selena Quintanilla still leaves her mark on the music and pop culture world.

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Selena fans have continued her legacy by petitioning for a MAC Cosmetics line in her honor and a wax figure immortalizing the late singer. They even show their everlasting support for the mexicana star by dressing up their little ones in renditions of her most iconic outfits! Check out some of the adorable bidi-bidi-babies below.

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1. All Smiles for Selena

Instagram/ @chrisbrownofficial

Royalty Brown, the daughter of singer Chris Brown and Nia Guzman, dressed like a Selena mini-me for Halloween in 2016! Que chula!

2. Bidi Bidi Beautiful

Instagram/ @dez_castro_

This toddler is slaying as the Tejano music queen!

3. Double Doppelgängers

Instagram/ @selenaquintanilla_memes

Clearly they're starting their own little Selena fan club!

4. Fierce Little Fan

Pinterest/ Chrissy Martinez

Strike that pose, Selenita!

5. Mini Wannabe

Instagram/ @sewale

No one's putting this Selena baby in the corner!

6. Identical Impersonator

Instagram/ @selenaqtribute

This Selena tween looks just like the real thing!

7. Costumed Cutie

Instagram/ @1_inatrillion_selena

How sweet is this purple princessa?

8. A Star Is Born

Instagram/ @suzettesyld

"'Cause I'm dreaming of you tonight....." We literally can't take this newborn Selena cuteness!

9. Como La Flor

Instagram/ @Angita.Floresita

The rose accessories nail this look!

10. Iconic Astrodome Outfit

Instagram/ @corylicious

This little chica is shining as bright as Selena's smile!