Where's the Love? 15 Latino Celebrity Divorces

So much for happily ever after! Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are the latest celebrity couple to announce they're separating after 13 years of marriage. We definitely didn't see that one coming! It seem as though stars may have the love game against them. We are counting down 15 Latino celebrities whose 'I Do's' turned into splitsville:

1. Divorces: Christina Milian and The-Dream

Christina Milian and The Dream

Married: In 2009, the couple eloped in Las Vegas. Christina gave birth to daughter, Violet, 5 months later.

Divorce: They divorced back in 2010 after the music producer was spotted on a Caribbean vacation with his assistant. "I’ve been to hell and back, but I survived, the "AM to PM" singer told Latina. They have shared custody of their child.

Where are they now: Christina is now the social media correspondent on The Voice, and ironically aired out some of her drama with her baby daddy on her Twitter page. Yikes! 

2. Divorces: Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

Married: The Mexican beauty and the basketball star married without a prenuptial agreement back in 2000, when he was 21 and she was 18.

Divorced: Their ten-year marriage often received media attention for the Los Angeles Lakers player’s reported infidelities and allegedly split amid new reports pointing to Bryant’s unfaithful ways - again. The mother of two daughters, 8-year-old Natalia and 5-year-old Gianna, stuck by her husband during his infamous sexual assault trial in 2003.

Where are they now: Vanessa earned a divorce settlement worth $75 million. Their divorce hasn't been finalized yet and Kobe's bank account hopes it never is...

3. Divorces: Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

Married: In 2005, the Grammy-winning singer and music executive got hitched in a traditional wedding ceremony in California's Napa Valleyback. The couple welcomed son, Max Liron Bratman, in 2008.

Divorced: Christina officially filed for divorce back in 2010. The pop diva says that their marriage became unhealthy and noticed the change after wrapping her film, Burlesque...

Where are they now: The pop star is dating production assistant Matt Rutler, whom she met on the set of, you guessed it, Burlesque.

4. Divorces: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

Married: In 2007, the couple got hitched in a lavish ceremony in a French castle.

Divorced: Longoria filed for divorce in 2010, after finding hundreds of sexts between him and one of her best friends on his phone.

Where are they now: Longoria recently split from on-again and off-again novio, Eduardo Cruz, who she started dating just months after her divorce from Tony. The basketball player recently suffered injuries at the Drake and Chris Brown bar brawl.

5. Divorces: Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Married: The two boricua superstars shared vows during a secret ceremony at J.Lo's Beverly Hills mansion on June 5, 2004. Marc's divorce from Dayanara Torres was finalized only 4 days before he married Jennifer. 

Divorced: No one really knows what caused their split, but rumors claimed that it was over Marc's jealous ways.

Where they are now: J.Lo moved on with beau, Casper Smart, while Marc started dating Venezuelan model, Shannon de Lima. As of now, the former power couple still have plans to work together for a second season of Q'Viva: The Chosen.

6. Divorces: Marc Anthony & Dayanara Torres

Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres

Married: The "She Sang to Me" singer and the former Miss Universe married on May 9, 2000 in Las Vegas.

Divorced: Apparently they were drama from the start, and separated in 2002. That same year, they reconciled and renewed their vows. Torres then filed for divorce in January 2004, saying her marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

Where they are now: Marc is dating again since his split from J.Lo and Dayanara was dating fellow Boricua hottie Amaury Nolasco, but the couple split in 2008.

7. Celeb Divorces: Jennifer Lopez & Ojani Noa

Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa

Married: J.Lo and the Cuban waiter married back in 1997.

Divorced: They divorced a year later after the pop star started to gain major stardom for her role in the bio-flick, Selena.

Where they are now: Jennifer is still 'dancing again' with Casper Smart, of course. Ojani tried to exploit the relationship by selling a book and rumored sex tape with no avail.

8. Celeb Divorces: Jennifer Lopez & Cris Judd

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd

Married: The love-troubled superstar (she had just recently dumped Diddy) married the dancer on September 29, 2001, after meeting him at the video shoot for “My Love Don’t Cost a Thing.”

Divorced: In 2003, the divorce papers cited “irreconcilable differences.” J.Lo started dating Ben Affleck shortly after the split.

Where they are now: Cris is recently remarried and has appeared in several reality shows, and we all know what's going on with La Lopez since then.

9. Celeb Divorces: Alex Rodriguez & Cynthia

Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez

Married: The couple got hitched back in 2002 after meeting at a gym in Florida.

Divorced: In 2008, Cynthia filed for divorce after A-Rod supposedly was getting down with strippers, prostitutes, and even Madonna!

Where they are now: A-Rod has had a string of blond girlfriends since the Material Girl, including Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz. He continues to play the field.

10. Divorces: George Lopez & Ann Serrano

George Lopez and Ann Serrano

Married: The comedian and ex-wife married back in 1993. They have a daughter, Mayan Lopez.

Divorced: The couple announced they were ended their 17-year marriage in 2010, after Ann donated one of her kidney's to the funny guy. Their split was amicable.

Where are they now: Lopez is hosting a new show, Take Me Out. No word on whether they have continued dating as of yet. Maybe love will live here again?

11. Celeb Divorces: Robert Rodriguez & Elizabeth

Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellan

Married: The film director married Elizabeth back in 1990.

Divorced: Sometime after actress, Rose McGowan, showed up to film Grindhouse, Robert and Elizabeth’s marriage—previously one of the most solid and productive in Hollywood—hit divorce court in 2006. Just saying.

Where they are now: The two continue to work together and live near each other for the sake of the kids. Both are single.

12. Divorces: Kate del Castillo and Aaron Diaz

Kate del Castillo and Aaron Diaz

Married: The telenovela star married Mexican actor/model Aaron Diaz in a Las Vegas ceremony back in 2009.

Divorced: The couple split in 2011. Kate confirmed the news on her Twitter page, “I beg that you don’t sully this separation with speculation, no one is to blame.  There is only growth, love and an ongoing search…I will carry his love and the love of his family with me…forever.”

Where are they now: Kate is reportedly still single and Aaron 'started dating' Lola Ponce, his rumored mistress.

13. Divorces: Mayte Garcia and Prince

Mayte Garcia and Prince

Married: The "Diamonds and Pearls" singer married his back-up dancer in 1996 - on Valentine's Day. They have a son named, Boy Gregory.

Divorced: The couple divorced back in 1999.

Where are they now: Prince later remarried and divorced several years later. Mayte has never remarried and is now part of VH1's The Ex Wives Club.

14. Celeb Divorces: Mariah Carey & Tommy Mottola

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola

Married: In June 1993, the pop star wore a satin ballgown to her multi-million dollar wedding to the music producer, who discovered her after grabbing a hold of her mix-tape.

Divorced: Mariah blamed Mottola’s possessiveness and psychological abuse for the split back in 1997.

Where they are now: Mariah is married to actor Nick Cannon, and has twins Moroccan and Monroe. Mottola has moved on, too, with singer Thalia, who clearly enjoys whatever attention Mariah didn’t. They’ve been married for over 10 years and have a daughter, Sabrina Sakae, and son Matthew.

15. Celeb Divorces: Mario Lopez & Ali Landry

Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

Married: The two actors got hitched in a Catholic ceremony at the posh Las Alamandas resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on April 24, 2004.

Divorced: Their union was annulled just a few weeks later. The Extra host allegedly cheated on her…repeatedly.

Where they are now: Mario has been tamed! He is engaged to Broadway dancer, Courtney Mazza, and has a daughter, Gia Francesca. Ali also has a daughter, 3-year-old Estela, with director hubby, Alejandro Gomez Monteverde.