WATCH: Jackie Cruz Shares A Powerful Message With Us All


Jackie Cruz and Syrian-American poet-turned-rap-star Mona Haydar are tackling male-entitlement one rap at a time! 

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The Orange Is The New Black star is always down to raise her voice to support the Latinx community and people of color. She has broken barriers with her role as Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales on the Netflix series, but the hardworking actress and musician don't stop there. On Monday, Cruz and Haydar, a hijab-wearing activist from Flint, Michigan, sent a message to the world about male-entitlement. So many women have been victims of the male gaze, harassment, and oppression and this duo address these issues with catchy and powerful rap lyrics. 


Spiritually violent

Deviant but hiding it

You can’t sell enlightenment

Laugh at your entitlement.



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