60 Hollywood Stars Who Speak Spanish Fluently!

We love stars who embrace their Latino culture, especially those who always make sure to hold on to our native Spanish language. Here are 60 hollywood stars who are fluent in Spanish:

1. Fluent Spanish: Alexa Vega

Alexa Vega

The Colombian American actress, best known for her role in Spy Kids, can speak Spanish fluently.

2. Fluent Spanish: Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie Prinze Jr.

The 90s teen heartthrob has always embraced his heritage. He was raised by his paternal grandmother who taught him Spanish and all about Puerto Rican culture.

3. Fluent Spanish: JoAnna Garcia

JoAnna Garcia Swisher

The pretty red haired Cuban American is fluent in Spanish and has even taught junior high school students English as a second language in her spare time.

4. Fluent Spanish: Sara Paxton

Sara Paxton

Few were aware that Paxton was even Latina, but the blonde haired actress not only comes from a Mexican mother, she is also fluent in Spanish.

5. Fluent Spanish: Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel

The blue-eyed Mexican and Argentinian Texas native grew up speaking Spanish. Bledel learned English once she began attending school.

6. Fluent Spanish: Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

Vergara grew up in Barranquilla, Colombia where she attended a private bilingual Spanish/English school.

7. Fluent Spanish: Shakira


Having spent much of her youth in Barranquilla, Colombia, Shakira was surrounded by the Latin culture, including the Spanish language.

8. Fluent Spanish: Julissa Bermudez

Julissa Bermudez

The Dominican American TV personality was born in Queens, New York and has always represented being Latina. We loved hearing her speak Spanish to her parents on Style network's Empire Girls: Julissa and Adrienne.

9. Fluent Spanish: Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin

The Puerto Rican papi lived a big portion of his life in La Isla del Encanto, where he began his Spanish singing career with the group Menudo.

10. Fluent Spanish: Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

The 39-year-old soon-to-be mother of two, lived in Alcobendas, Spain, where she was surrounded by the Spanish language and culture.

11. Fluent Spanish: William Levy

William Levy

The Cuban American actor was born in Cuba and moved to Miami at the age of 14, but he never lost his connection to the Cuban culture and remains fluent in Spanish.

12. Fluent Spanish: Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas

One of Spain’s most famous faces, Banderas has spoken Spanish his whole life and did not begin learning English until 1992 with his Hollywood debut in The Mambo Kings.

13. Fluent Spanish: Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

Although only one of his parents is Spanish, being born in Spain made the 38-year-old singer-songwriter fluent in the Spanish language.

14. Fluent Spanish: Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

The Fast and Furious starlet may have been born in San Antonio, TX, but that doesn’t mean she only learned English. In fact, Rodriguez and her family moved from Texas when she was eight, and lived in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico for a while, where she was given the chance to perfect her Spanish skills.

15. Fluent Spanish: Daisy Fuentes

Daisy Fuentes

The Cuban American fluency in Spanish comes from her days of living in Cuba and Spain. Fuentes actually learned English while watching episodes of I Love Lucy.

16. Fluent Spanish: Thalia


Thalia was born in Mexico City, Mexico, where she attended Liceo Franco Mexicano elementary school, and learned to speak French and Spanish fluently.

17. Fluent Spanish: Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony

The 44-year-old Puerto Rican salsa artist was born in New York City, but he always made sure to remain true to his Latino roots by always continuing to speak and sing in Spanish.

18. Fluent Spanish: Andrew Keegan

Andrew Keegan

Born to a Colombian mother, many are often not only surprised to hear Keegan is Latino, but also that he speaks Spanish fluently.

19. Fluent Spanish: David Lambert

David Lambert

Star of ABC Family’s The Fosters, Lambert can speak Spanish fluently thanks to his Puerto Rican mother.

20. Fluent Spanish: Bianca Santos

Bianca Santos

Santos plays Lexi Rivera on The Fosters and you can often catch her putting her Spanish skills to use on the show.

21. Fluent Spanish: Pitbull


The Miami born superstar was born to Cuban parents and always in some way finds a way to represent the language through his music.

22. Fluent Spanish: Louis CK

Louis C.K.

Thanks to his Mexican heritage, the 45-year-old comedian first language is Spanish and he still retains Mexican citizenship.

23. Fluent Spanish: Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

Considered one of the best baseball players of all time, A-Rod can credit his strength in the Spanish language to his Dominican family and time spent in the Dominican Republic.

24. Fluent Spanish: Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal

The Mexican actor, who has played Che Guevara twice in his career, spoke Spanish first and is now fluent in both Spanish and English.

25. Fluent Spanish: Diego Luna

Diego Luna

Luna has always been heavily influenced by his Mexican heritage, having been born in Mexico and participating in Mexican theater, the Spanish language is second nature to the 33-year-old actor.

26. Fluent Spanish: Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee

The Puerto Rican reggaeton star’s fluency in Spanish can be heard through his music, movie and in nearly all of his interviews.

27. Fluent Spanish: Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama

The Miami born hottie moved to Venezuela with his family when he was three and lived there for 10 years. It was during this time that he was given the opportunity to become fluent in Spanish.

28. Fluent Spanish: Juanes


The Colombian musician grew up in Medellin, Colombia. Although Juanes is now an international superstar, he still remains fluent in Spanish.

29. Fluent Spanish: George Lopez

George Lopez

The Mexican American is known for referencing his Mexican culture in his stand-up comedy jokes. But aside from funny commentary, the Los Angeles native keeps close ties to his roots by remaining fluent in the language and creating Hispanic-oriented American sitcoms such as George Lopez.

30. Fluent Spanish: Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia

Garcia and his family fled Cuba when he was five-years-old. While he is a highly popular Hollywood actor and has lived in the United States since he was a young boy, the Cuban American has held on to his Spanish speaking abilities.

31. Fluent Spanish: Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton

One of our favorite celebrity bloggers, Hilton was born in Miami to Cuban parents, and is fluent in English and Spanish.

32. Fluent Spanish: Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Thanks to her Spanish roots and the fact that she was born in Veracruz, Mexico, Hayek is fluent in Spanish.

33. Fluent Spanish: Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian

The Cuban American dimple-faced actor shared in an interview with Spanish media once that he is fluent in Spanish.

34. Fluent Spanish: Demian Bichir

Demian Bichir

The star of FX’s new show The Bridge was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and remains fluent in his native Spanish language.

35. Fluent Spanish: Bobby Cannavale

Bobby Cannavale

Cannavale was born to an Italian father and Cuban mother, but despite having only one Latino parent, the 43-year-old actor is fluent in Spanish.

36. Fluent Spanish: Lin Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda

The Puerto Rican In the Heights actor grew up in New York City, but has managed to stay fluent in Spanish.

37. Fluent Spanish: Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon

Host of the upcoming talk show, The Real, Bailon was born in the Lower East Side of New York City to a Puerto Rican mother and Ecuadorian father. This belleza can often be heard speaking Spanish whenever she’s out and about.

38. Fluent Spanish: Michael Steger

Michael Steger

The 90210 star is of Ecuadorian descent and not only speaks Spanish fluently, but also minored in the language while attending Cal Poly Pomona.

39. Fluent Spanish: Laz Alonso

Laz Alonso

Born and raised in Washington D.C., the Afro-Cuban star is bilingual in English and Spanish.

40. Fluent Spanish: Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes

Although Mendes was born in Miami and raised in Los Angeles, her first language was Spanish. The Cuban American star still speaks Spanish fluently.

41. Fluent Spanish: Jamie Lynn Sigler

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

The former Sopranos star and mommy-to-be can speak Spanish and Greek fluently.

42. Fluent Spanish: Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

The Dominican and Puerto Rican American beauty’s first languages were Spanish and English. When she moved to the Dominican Republic after her father’s passing, it only strengthened her Spanish-speaking skills.

43. Fluent Spanish: Julie Gonzalo

Julie Gonzalo

The 31-year-old star was born in Argentina. When doing press junkets for her films with Spanish-language media she does her interviews entirely in Spanish. This has made Gonzalo a very popular young star among Latinos.

44. Fluent Spanish: Odette Yustman

Odette Yustman

The 28-year-old Colombian and Cuban American was raised in a Latino household which helped in making her fluent in Spanish.

45. Fluent Spanish: Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio

Rubio was born in Mexico City, Mexico, where Spanish became her first language.

46. Fluent Spanish: Alice Braga

Alice Braga

The Brasilera, known for her role in 2007’s I Am Legend, not only speaks her native language of Portuguese, but is also fluent in Spanish.

47. Fluent Spanish: Kat Von D

Kat Von D

The famous tattoo artist was born in Mexico where she learned Spanish before moving to Los Angeles at the age of four.

48. Fluent Spanish: Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia

The Colombian born Creative Director of Marie Claire magazine is known for her stellar fashion sense and Spanish speaking background.


49. Fluent Spanish: Nadine Velazquez

Nadine Velazquez

The 34-year-old Chicago native has proved her fluency in Spanish in several interviews.

50. Fluent Spanish: Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington

The Salvadorian model, best known for her gorgeous Calvin Klein ads, is bilingual.

51. Fluent Spanish: Tatyana Ali

Tatyana Ali

The Afro-Panamanian 34-year-old can speak Spanish fluently thanks to her Latina mami.

52. Fluent Spanish: Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

The Dominican American, who is now starring in Lifetime’s Devious Maids, was born in the Bronx but speaks Spanish fluently.

53. Fluent Spanish: Harry Shum, Jr.

Harry Shum, Jr.

The Glee star, who was born in Costa Rica to Chinese parents, is fluent in both Spanish and Chinese.

54. Fluent Spanish: Leonor Varela

Leonor Varela

The Chilean star, known for her role as Marta Del Sol in the show Dallas, has an impressive list of language skills. Varela is not only fluent in Spanish, but also in French and Italian.

55. Fluent Spanish: Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky

The 36-year-old was born in Madrid and learned to speak Spanish, Romanian, Italian and French fluently.

56. Fluent Spanish: Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo

The Chilean American NCIS actress revealed in an interview that she was fluent in Spanish and English.

57. Fluent Spanish: Sonya Walger

Sonya Walger

The Argentine English actress speaks perfect Spanish with an Argentine accent.

58. Fluent Spanish: Paz de la Huerta

Paz de la Huerta

De la Huerta was raised in New York City, but speaks Spanish fluently and even pronounced her name in the traditional Spanish way.

59. Fluent Spanish: Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez               

Ramirez was born in Mexico where she lived until she was eight-years-old. Although her mother migrated her and her family to California, Ramirez remained fluent in Spanish.

60. Fluent Spanish: Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin

The 28-year-old yoga instructor spent her childhood living in the U.S. and Spain, where she was able to keep up with the Spanish language.