TL: Selena & Justin
Selena and Justin Escape to Hawaii
By Amaris Castillo | 05/24/2011 - 14:31

After engaging in some major lip-lock action at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, teen stars Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have gone on a romantic break together – to Hawaii! The couple was photographed strolling through a boardwalk in Maui yesterday.

17-year-old Bieber was shirtless, while Gomez, 18, wore a hot pink bikini top and white denim shorts. A source tells that Bieber is taking a much-needed vacation, but clearly his vacation is not from Selena. These two seem like they're closer than ever!

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Pirates of the Carribean
Star Tracker: Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba and Kevin Alejandro
By Johanna Ferreira | 05/23/2011 - 14:44

— Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was no sword-loser at this weekend's box office! The pirate flick starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz raked in an impressive $35 million in the U.S. and Canada, and an estimated $256.3 million around the globe! Not too shabby.

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Meet William Levy's New Girlfriend
Meet William Levy's New Girlfriend
By Johanna Ferreira | 05/20/2011 - 13:32

If you were wondering what exactly went down to cause the Levy-Gutierrez split, well, we got the answer for you. It was another woman. We knew William Levy was just too damn perfect! Apparently the Cuban telenovela actor has been seeing Barbara Lopez, the 19-year old (yes, that young!) daughter of television producer Reynaldo Lopez.

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Adriana Lima
EXCLUSIVE: Victoria's Secret Model Adriana Lima: "Motherhood has done wonders for me. Physically, I feel more beautiful"
By Verky Arcos | 05/20/2011 - 13:00

We caught up with the always beautiful Adriana Lima at the Victoria's Secret Summer Bombshell Tour and the Brazilian stunner gave us the inside scoop on how mommyhood has changed her for the better.

“Motherhood has done wonders for me. Physically, I feel more beautiful and think those pregnancy hormones were great for my skin and hair. As for personally, I feel more secure and confident. I have more patience and am more open to people. It really changes the way you carry yourself and see the world," she marveled.

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Scandal Aftermath
8 Shocking Latino Celebrity Scandals and the Aftermath!
By Mariela Rosario | 05/19/2011 - 18:01

We were all shocked (shocked!) when we heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair with his Guatemalan housekeeper Mildred Particia Baena. His wife, Maria Shriver, seems determined to get a divorce, while Baena has remained silent and kept herself out of the public eye.

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Star Tracker: Paulina Rubio, Penelope Cruz and Christina Aguilera
Star Tracker: Paulina Rubio, Penelope Cruz and Christina Aguilera
By Johanna Ferreira | 05/19/2011 - 13:28

-Mexican pop star, Paulina Rubio was recently in Mexico introducing her new tequila, Tequilla RSV Agavia. The drink, which will only be distributed in Mexico, is targeted towards women and according to Rubio was inspired by the country. “I am a very happy woman and that is reflected in the drink, and so the colors I chose are colors that represent my life while the circles represent my music,” she said in a press conference.

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10 Latino Celebrities Make Forbes Celebrity 100 List
10 Latinos Make the Forbes Celebrity 100 List
By Johanna Ferreira | 05/19/2011 - 12:42

Forbes recently released their Celebrity 100, which is an annual list celebrating the most powerful and wealthiest people in the entertainment industry. The list includes film and television actors, TV personalities, models, athletes, authors, musicians and comedians. Who makes the list is determined based on the celebrity’s earnings combined with their media visibility, social media power and overall influence.

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Selena Gomez: “It’s humbling, having to go from this Disney high back down to having to find roles”
By Johanna Ferreira | 05/18/2011 - 13:01

With her role in Wizards of Waverly Place recently coming to an end, Selena Gomez looked fresh, beautiful and ready to take on the world in Teen Vogue’s June/July issue. The young star, who graced the cover in a delicate white crocheted top and sporting a bright red pout, opened up about everything to ending her days at Disney to her thoughts on heartbreak. One thing for sure, the mature 18-year old definitely has a soft spot for her fans.

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