Hey, Parents Traveling Solo With Your Kids: Zoe Saldana Feels Your Pain


If you’ve ever taken your kids on a plane, a train or even a particularly long car ride, you know it can be rough. Between the outbursts, spills, and are we there yets, a three or four hour trip can feel like an eternity. But if you think glamorous movie stars don’t go through the same struggles, Zoe Saldana is here to prove you wrong.

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The Avatar star recently posted a boomerang of herself traveling with her adorable twins Cy and Bowie, 3, and the newest addition to the fam, one-year-old Zen on Insta, captioning it:

Can I be my own #wcw today? Feeling really sorry for myself right now and need the boost! #travelingwithkids#workingmom #workingbeforechristmas


The Dominicana has been more open about sharing her life as a mom with her fans on social and we can’t get enough of all her sweet pics.


Thankful for these moments -

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Thanks, Zoe, for always keeping it real!