Zoë Saldana Covers The Hollywood Reporter’s Special Comic Con Issue

Zoë Saldana Covers The Hollywood Reporter’s Special Comic Con Issue
The Hollywood Reporter

Just in time for San Diego Comic Con, The Hollywood Reporter releases their special “Comic-Con Issue” featuring on the cover the female lead of the upcoming comic book themed feature film Guardians of the Galaxy, actress Zoë Saldana.

In a tweet on July 22, Chief Creative Director of The Hollywood Reporter, Janice Min, released an image of the cover for the special Comic-Con issue of THR featuring Saldana—who will be playing the female lead, Gamora, in Marvel Comics’ addition to their cinematic repertoire, hitting theaters on August 1, 2014. On the cover the actress is lolling over an array of comic books dressed in a super heroine-esque gold ensemble with a cover line that reads “Zoe Saldana: A Geek Goddess Bares All” written in a comic book burst balloon.  

Along with the image, Min’s tweet read: “What’s @zoesaldana look like lying on 100s of comic books? Like this cover by @ShantieMarlar [Creative Director of THR] @Jenmartinlaski [Photo & Video Director of THR] #ComicCon.”

Having already played a number of science fiction characters in the past (e.g. Nyota Uhura in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness and the giant, blue Na’vi tribe princess Neytiri in Avatar), Saldana has become a cherished persona for the sci-fi fandom—so it seems fitting that THR would celebrate the American film star of Dominican Republic descent with a cover for their Comic Con issue and the title of “Geek Goddess.”

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