See Zoe Saldana Show Off Her Baby Bump!

Pregnant Zoe Saldana outside of Good Morning America

It's not a secret anymore!

A glowing Zoe Saldana flaunted her baby bump as she arrived at Good Morning America on Monday, July 28 to promote her new action flick Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Saldana, 36, looked radiant in a skintight burgundy dress that showed off her growing belly. The actress and her husband, Italian artist Marco Perego, are reportedly expecting twins.

According to Us Weekly, Saldana will welcome her baby (or babies!) this winter. She did not speak about her pregnancy with GMA, but she did reveal a few details about her new superhero movie, out August 1.

Saldana revealed that she modeled her character, Gamora, after a bullfighter. "We were having dinner with one of [Marco's] art colleagues, and she was showing us her latest art expo, and it was about a bullfighter," she said. "She was taping this bullfighter dancing in slow motion, the dance of death, sort of seducing the bull. And it was the most graceful form of dance. And that was around the time when I was pondering whether or not I was going to do Guardians."

Initially, the Dominican-Puerto Rican actress was reluctant to add another sci-fi franchise to her resume, as she already stars in the Star Trek and Avatar franchises. 

"It was difficult at first, because I didn't want to do just films that take place in space, back to back," she said. "But they come in such beautiful packages, so I thought it would be stupid of me to pass on this amazing opportunity just out of fear of what others may think or [of] being boxed."

Zoe Saldana is a lovely mom-to-be! Will you be seeing her new flick Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend?