Watch: YouTube Star Aunt Boo Wants To Choke The Cast Of 'Frozen' & I Do Too

This video by YouTube star, Aunt Boo, expresses what many parents are feeling this record-breaking snowpocalypse of a winter, stuck inside their homes with their children and no ice bar to console them. If you have a young daughter in your house, you might be familiar with the evil that is Frozen.

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A horrible movie starring a cast of singing nitwits created by the Illuminati to maintain control over your children by reducing them to singing, drooling automatons. “Let it go! Let it go!” they shout over and over again. This alone is why I chose never to procreate. Many years ago, during a visit to a curandera, I was told: “Don’t have kids because in 2014, a movie is going to come out and all the kids will be singing the pinche theme song and your ears will bleed.”

So, I took her advice and remained childless. The rest of you poor saps have this video to keep you company.