Introducing EDM's Youngest Artist, Katia Nicole!

At 15, how many things had you accomplished? Did you have a 10 year plan set up for yourself? EDM (Electronic Dance Music) triple-threat Katia Nicole has already tackled dancing, acting, and singing on a professional level. And she’s just getting started!

Katia grew up in Miami, where she first got her taste for the business, as a dancer for the Miami Heat Junior Jams. Since then the little Latina has worked hard making a name for herself in the industry, currently the youngest EDM artist, and the only Latina in the business.

We sat down with the super sweet teenager to discuss what she loves about EDM, her dream collaborations, what she loves about being Latina, and her plan for 10 years down the road. 

Tell us, what drew you to EDM?

Well, when I was little I grew up around my mom listening to freestyle music and my dad listening to just EDM, like the Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk. And I kind of grew more towards EDM, listening to what my dad listened to more. I began singing pop because that’s what my mom loved, but I wasn’t super into it. As I got older, I still listened to EDM with my dad in the car and on the way to school. So last year, I told my manager I wanted to switch my sound and start fresh and start new and we ended up doing what I wanted, which felt good. So that’s what really drew me in, it was my dad.

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