Would You Pay $2 Million to Find Out Who Shakira is Dating?

Remember the photo that we posted a few weeks ago that showed Spanish futbol star Gerard Pique and Shakira celebrating their birthdays together? We were pretty surprised that the soccer star was so open about the fact that he was hanging out with the Colombian pop star, especially after both vehemently denied being in a relationship. The photos were harmless, just a group shot of all the friends out to celebrate, but proof nonetheless that they were spending time together.

Well, it turns out that there was an ulterior motive to Pique's sudden willingness to share details of his personal life. According to Celestrellas, a photographer was attempting to shop around shots of the couple hanging out in Barcelona and Pique posted the image freely to his Facebook and Twitter pages to thwart the paparazzo's effort.

Unfortunately for the possible couple, someone did manage to snap between 8-10 shots of Shaki and Pique in "compromising positions,"—as in kissing and holding hands. Rumors are swirling that the photographer is trying to shop the images to the Spanish tabloids for a cool $2 million, but no magazine has been able to afford the shots.