Opinion: Me, Myself & Hot Guys

Let me start off this post by saying, I’m a full-blooded Latino who enjoys sports, video games, cigars and Eva Mendes (for her acting prowess, of course). With that said, it’s only right that my first full issue as Latina magazine’s entertainment editor was the “Hot Guys” issue. Right before accepting my position at Latina, I was at BET overseeing their music shows and specials content online (read: covering hip-hop and a few misogynistic rappers). But I digress, back to the issue. Here’s a rundown of my first editorial meeting: two men (including myself) and eight female editors discussing... you guessed it... hot guys.
We were arguing on who should be on the cover: William Levy? A collective “oohhhh” permeated the room. Diego Boneta? “Aaaaahhhh,” they said. Victor Cruz? “Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!” I said whoever we get for the cover should be shirtless, clearly thinking like a journalist who’s written one too many articles for King magazine.
Next up, my first big feature to assign and edit was the much desired "Hot Guys" (ahem) package. I asked my lovely wife of five years, "Who do you and your girlfriends think is hot right now?" The words “Mark Sanchez” couldn’t escape my wife’s lips faster than if she was being tortured by guerilleros. My edit team helped me round up the rest of the featured men, and the talented up-and-coming writer, Tara Aquino, gave life to my list of 20 heartthrobs including Romeo Santos, Michael Trevino, Adam Rodriguez and more.
As an editor, at times, you have to rewrite copy because you’re pressed for time. Overall, Aquino did a great job but there were times where our fearless leader, Damarys Ocana, needed more “hot.” Relegated to my office until I gave her more “hot,” I blasted D’Angelo on Spotify, got in touch with my feminine side and wrote like a 16-year-old girl in puppy love. Throughout the process, I kept on repeating the wise words of my journalism professor, Anthony Mancini, “A good writer can write about anything.” When it was over, let’s just say I won’t be able to look at Law & Order’s Danny Pino the same way ever again.
So there you have it. I hope you enjoy my first baby with Latina magazine—it’s a boy. Now, excuse me while I go bombard my wife with kisses and talk about tonight’s Knicks-Heat game with my boys.
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