EXCLUSIVE: Wilmer Valderrama Talks Holiday Traditions, Chicha & What Gift Your Guy Will Love

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Wilmer Valderrama is not only a talented actor, but did you know he’s also a great gift giver? It’s true! As part of P&G’s Secrets of the Season campaign, the Latino has made it his mission this season to give tips to all of those out there struggling with what to buy the men in your life. And while we were at skeptical at first, we were absolutely convinced by the end of our conversation­–walking away with quite a few ideas. (Papi, stop reading this now!).

But gifts aren’t all we talked about! We got the scoop on everything from his favorite holiday traditions (including making hallacas), his favorite holiday memory (hint: it involves dancing), and even his new acting role, which involves playing a very different sort of character this time around. Read it all below!

Let’s start with the bad stuff and get it out of the way. What’s the worst gift you’ve ever gotten?

Honestly, I think it has to be another variation of socks and underwear. [laughs] I’m not a fan.

On the plus side, they’re basics–you can never have enough, right?

[laughs] Yeah, that’s true. But don’t buy them for me as a gift. I can buy my own socks and underwear. I literally look at my mom and sisters, like, really? Anything is better than that.

Find out his favorite gift & holiday traditions on page 2 >>

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