William Levy Says His Kids Are 'His Life'

30-year-old Cuban star William Levy, who shares two kids with Mexican American actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez, opened up about his relationship with them to People en Español. Levy appears on the cover of the Spanish-language magazine as the “Sexiest Man of the Year.”

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“Everything I do, I do thinking of them,” Levy said of his children. The actor’s eyes lit up when he opened up about his daughter, who he described as fiery. “I’m starting to realize that women, since they’re little girls, know how to dominate men,” Levy said with a laugh. “They know how to boss them around.” He says when he tells her daughter not to do something, she responds with a mischievous face. “What a smart little girl!” the actor laughed.

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“I’ve learned so much from them and I try to be with them as much as I can,” he said. Levy added that he and his children have a ritual where they count down the days until they see their father while he’s away for work. “The relationship I have with my kids is beautiful.”

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Levy, who has been the center of numerous rumors about his turbulent relationship with Gutiérrez, opened up about her as well and had nothing but nice things to say but confirmed that they are not together at the moment. “Elizabeth is an incredible woman and lady and the mother of my children,” the handsome actor gushed. “I think sometimes as humans, we need our space.”

His current single status doesn’t make him feel any different. “Whether I’m single or in a relationship, I’m the same person,” Levy said. “The same human being.”