William Levy Says It's Not All About "Being Hot And In Shape"

William Levy dances on Dancing with the Stars on April 2

William Levy has proven that he has the right moves to win the coveted silver disco ball trophy on ABC's hit show, Dancing With The Stars. The Cuban actor was obviously saved from last night's elimination episode (sorry Jack Wagner), but that doesn't mean Levy wasn't a bit shaky about his salsa performance with partner, Cheryl Burke

Having six-pack abs may grant you the right to dance around topless, the telenovela star admits that he was nervous about showing so much skin on DWTS. He tells US Weekly, "I don't want people to have the feeling that I just want to show my body! I am here to dance and have fun, not about, 'Oh, I'm hot and I'm in shape.' You know? Sometimes it's more than that!"

Although Levy did flaunt his abs during his salsa routine, he also spoke about his struggles in Cuba. During the episode he shared, "There's no future in Cuba...can you imagine living with $20 a day?"

We admire the Cuban actor for wanting to be seen as more than a sex symbol, which of course, just makes us love him more! He probably wants to stay away from his telenovela roots where he has performed at least 10 shirtless scenes.

Watch William Levy's recent clip on DWTS below and let us know what you think about his story.