Will Miguel Get Sued for Landing on a Fan?

Stage dives: you win some, you lose some. Unfortunately for Grammy Award-winning artist Miguel, he may not be able to live down his on-stage mishap at the Billboard Music Awards.

The "Adorn" singer, who accidentally landed on two fans while attempting to fly over them during his Billboard Music Awards performance on May 19, may be facing a lawsuit by one.

Khyati Shah, the audience member Miguel accidentally injured, was all smiles after he invited her backstage after the incident. She iced her arm and told a Billboard editor she still adorned him, but now she's considering legal action.    

According to her attorney, Vip Bhola, Shah is experiencing “difficulties" as a result of her injuries. Though no one has approached Miguel's legal team, Bhola told E! News they're awaiting Shah's medical results before deciding whether or not to file a lawsuit against the singer.

Miguel hasn't commented on the potential lawsuit, but immediately after the mishap tweeted, "Got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay."

Do you think the fan is really injured or seeing green?