Will Ferrell's Spanish Skills Approved by 'Casa de mi Padre' Co-Stars

Will Ferrell’s Spanish has been approved by his Casa de mi Padre co-stars Gael Garcia Bernal and Efren Ramirez. Both actors say that Ferrell is still funny, even in a different language.

“He speaks Spanish fantastically well,” Mexican actor Bernal told E! Online. “He speaks it really really well.” This film is a parody on spaghetti-westerns and telenovelas, which gives Bernal the impression that, “I think deep down inside, Will has always wanted to be a telenovela actor, he continued. “This is his chance of doing it.”

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Bernal insists that even improvising in Spanish, Ferrell is hilarious. “There was a lot of improv,” he said. “Whenever he had to improvise, it was fantastic. It take a lot of work to improvise in another language that is not your mother tongue. I have difficulties doing it any other language by Spanish, but Will managed quite well. He made it very funny.”

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Part-Mexican, part-Salvadoran actor Efren Ramirez, who plays Ferrell’s best friend Esteban in the film, spoke to Latina.com exclusively about Ferrell’s Spanish and had nothing but good things to say about it. “He’s really good! It took him two months to practice it,” he said. “I’m fluent in Spanish, but I wanted my accent to be very accurate with the dialect. I mean, even though it’s comedy, you still have to do the work. You have to be very specific with the details and very specific with the character choices. So yeah, he did pretty good.”

Casa de mi Padre comes to theaters March 16th.