Why Can't J.Lo Have It All?

They’re calling her a diva…again.

By now you’ve probably read (or heard about) the latest news story portraying international superstar Jennifer Lopez as the ultimate diva.

It’s being reported everywhere this weekend that La Lopez was in talks to perform in front of 60 million viewers at the opening ceremony of India’s Premier League cricket tournament (an event the NY Post is comparing to the Super Bowl half-time show), but reports say Ms. Lopez was fired after the organizers of the event received a rider containing a list of “outrageous” demands from Jenny’s camp.

According to Page Six, Lopez’s longtime manager, Benny Medina, had asked that a private plane be made available for her, along with numerous hotel rooms to house her huge entourage, which included an army of stylists, assistants and a personal chef.

And according to PerezHilton.com, the demands were so outrageous, that the Puerto Rican superstar “effectively priced herself out of the event,” and the folks over at Pepsi IPL said ‘screw that’ and booked fellow Latino artist (and frequent J.Lo collaborator), Pitbull instead.