Why Can't J.Lo Have It All?

Jennifer herself is aware that she has a reputation for making big demands. During a February 2013 cover story interview with Harper’s BAZAAR, Lopez was asked about her legendary tour-and-shoot rider and she couldn’t help but laugh at the idea that she needed to have a white loveseat ("Oh, was there a love seat?" she asked. “Nope. I didn't notice!"), she said. She also denied rumors that she had minions carting tons of white candles around the world: "No, never. That's an old myth,” she explained.

And during an interview with Australian radio’s Kyle and Jackie O Show back in August of 2012, Lopez told the hosts she wouldn’t make any extraordinary demands during her world tour, insisting most rumors about her backstage demands are not true. “I think people love to kind of look at them (riders) and go, ‘Oh my God, she wants M&M’S … she’s crazy!’ she said. “You know I think everybody has their list of things that make you feel comfortable … like a certain kind of potato chip or water or drink or whatever…those ones that are really crazy, I’m sure those ones are made up. Although I’m sure there are some crazy people out there,” she said.

But even if the stories are true, why can’t J.Lo have it all? If you’re playing five shows a week and you’re not home where you can control things -- and your artistic work is loved by millions and creates hundreds of jobs –- shouldn’t you be able to create exactly the environment that makes you happy? After all, this is a woman who goes on a world tour while taking care of five-year-old twins and managing a global empire. She pulls 16-hour days and flies to a new country every day or two. There’s nothing normal about being Jennifer Lopez, so how can anyone expect her demands to be normal?

During a cover interview with then-Latina Editor-in-Chief Mimi Valdes back in 2010, Lopez talked about the changes that come with fame and the way leading an extraordinary life can change a person. “Your world becomes smaller, so yeah, it is a weird reality,” she said in the interview. “You stop doing things like having a key in your pocket, opening the door for yourself because you become so busy. All of a sudden, somebody takes that over for you. You do lose touch a little bit; anybody who says they don’t is a liar. Your life is not like a person who goes to work, opens their door, goes to the grocery store. I lived that life for 20-something years, and now my life is different, but I have my foot in both worlds,” she explained. 

Lopez added that despite her fame, she never felt like she changed…not really. “I’ve been able to always keep a good perspective. I’ve never, thank God, gone completely off into the stratosphere. I’m not saying I haven’t had my moments [Laughs], but I’m always able to come back,” she said.

Jennifer Lopez is as big a household name as you can get. Last year, she topped Forbes magazine’s list of the “Celebrity 100,” beating out heavyweights like Oprah and Lady Gaga after she earned a whopping $52 million dollars in 2012. A savvy businesswoman, she nabbed $12 million dollars to judge FOX’s hit reality competition American Idol in 2010 (and got that number bumped up to $20 million in 2011). In recent years, she has also scored lucrative endorsement deals with companies like L’Oreal and Gillette and she has a clothing line at Kohl’s, a top-selling fragrance, and a career in music and movies.

So while her love may not cost a thing, J.Lo’s name and brand, does. Which begs the question: Why shouldn't J.Lo have it all?