Why Can't J.Lo Have It All?

Lopez’s camp is telling an altogether different story. A rep for the superstar tells the NY Post the reason she didn't take the April 2nd gig in Kolkata is because she is simply too busy. "An offer was made to perform {but} the date conflicted with Jennifer's current music-recording schedule for an album due this summer," the rep said.

Whether the story is true or not, the Internet is abuzz with yet another tale of the sort people can’t get enough of: Jennifer Lopez, Latina Superstar, being portrayed as the ultimate diva to end all divas.

But is J.Lo really the world’s biggest diva? Or is the media just harder on our girl – who grew up in the Bronx – than they are on other A-list superstars? After all, as The Huffington Post notes, celeb riders are quite common among Hollywood A-listers. “Lady Gaga and J.Lo are both said to have demanded white couches, while Mariah Carey has reportedly asked for kittens and doves at prior events,” writes the website’s Entertainment Editor Kia Makarechi. He adds: “Rihanna's rider, on the other hand, seems like a simple stoner's paradise: Haribo candie, Oreos, Baybel cheese and Red Bull. Katy Perry is said to have asked for a fridge with a glass door, and Kanye supposedly once asked for Versace towels. Jay-Z is taking a cigar roller on tour with him this summer and Iggy Pop allegedly asked for a Bob Hope impersonator at every show.”

Add to that Kanye Wests’ rumored request that any driver that chauffeurs him around must be swaddled in 100% cotton (no man-made fibers), and Madonna’s 200-person entourage that includes 30 bodyguards, personal chefs, a yoga instructor, an acupuncturist, an on-site dry cleaner and 20 international phone lines.

And how about Lady Gaga’s infamous request during her Monster Ball Tour to have a mannequin with puffy Pink pubic hair backstage… (If you were running a cricket tournament, wouldn’t you prefer to get J.Lo a plane and cuartos than to have to go out in search of this…umnaughty mannequin?).

Those are some pretty crazy demands!

Of course, this isn’t to say that J.Lo doesn’t have a reputation for making diva-like demands. Back in 2001, La Lopez reportedly asked for nine dressing rooms for her 90-strong entourage ahead of an interview with the BBC, and while filming her cameo in a benefit music video for the Global AIDS Alliance and the United Way 9/11 Relief in 2002, Lopez’s rider reportedly required a 40-foot trailer furnished in all white from top to bottom: a white room, white flowers, white tables and tablecloths, white drapes, white couches, white candles, white sheets, white lilies and white roses (that’s a lot of white)! Rumor has it she also once asked that her coffee be stirred…counter-clockwise.

And most recently, in 2011, CNN.com ran a story called, “Is Jennifer Lopez Still Jenny from the Block?” after it was learned that Lopez used a body double to film a FIAT commercial which showed her driving around the Bronx (where she grew up) as she talked about how the neighborhood inspired her. “This place inspires me to be tougher, to stay sharper, to think faster,” Lopez said in a voiceover in the commercial. “They may be just streets to you, but to me, they’re a playground.”

But when the news broke that the commercial was filmed in the Bronx (sans J.Lo, who was in Los Angeles at the time), people questioned whether Lopez really was proud of her Bronx roots. “Sorry but if the Bronx really inspired her, she would fly out to make the commercial there,” one person commented on YouTube at the time, while CNN asked: “Can she still be Jenny from the block if she can't even come home to film an advertisement?”