Why Are Men Such Dogs?

With the recent revelation that Anthony Weiner (D-NY) did, in fact, Tweet a lewd photo of his, um, weiner, to a woman who was not his wife, all of us ladies in the office have just about had it! It seems like for the last few months there has been a never-ending string of men in the public eye who are intent on reinforcing the age old stereotype that men are total dogs and treat women like crap, so we decided to call them out.

Here's a list of our dirtiest Latino dogs.

1. Dogs: Ojani Noa

The Ex That Won’t Go Away: Ojani Noa
Ojani Noa and Jennifer Lopez were married for less than a year back in 1997, but he just won’t leave her alone! For more than a decade Noa has tried to peddle his story to anyone who will listen, which it turns out, is actually quite a short list. He’s attempted to write a tell-all book, make a mockumentary and even release intimate home videos, only to be blocked along the way by La Lopez’s powerful lawyers. When will he ever learn?

2. Dogs: Mario Lopez

The Cheese Dog: Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez is best known as the host of TV celeb news magazine show Extra, and is now happily shacked-up with his costar from his stint on Broadway’s A Chorus Line Courtney Mazza and their beautiful baby daughter Gia. But before finding domestic bliss, Lopez was a notorious cheater who was so out of control that he cheated on his first wife Ali Landry…just days before their wedding April 2004—no joke! Seven years after a two week marriage that was annulled, he admitted that things got a bit out of hand at his bachelor party and that he should have known he was not ready for the kind of commitment Ali was.

3. Dogs: Alex Rodriguez

The Player: Alex Rodriguez
This Yankees third basemen has rounded home plate with more than his fair share of beautiful ladies, even while he was married. Rodriguez was linked to string of strippers while he was married to his long-suffering wife Cynthia before she finally kicked him to the curb amid reports he’d been cheating with Madonna. Shortly afterwards, he began seeing Kate Hudson, but their romance fizzled out before the end of the baseball season. For the last year, he’s been connected to Cameron Diaz in what is clearly a passionate on-again, off-again relationship. We’re just happy for Diaz’s sake that she is not interested in settling down and getting married anytime soon.

4. Dogs: Antonio Villaraigosa

The Two-Faced Politico: Antonio Villaraigosa
Antonio Villaraigosa had the whole west coast swooning when he first popped up on the Los Angeles political scene. How romantic was it that he combined his last name with his wife’s in order to foster a more equal marriage and relationship. Too bad it all turned out to be a lie when he cheated on her with Telemundo reporter Mirthala Salinas and it was later reported that he was a longtime philanderer who had stepped out on his wife (with a family friend’s esposa, no less!) when she was sick and fighting cancer.

5. Dogs: Luis Miguel

The Tease: Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel is a notorious ladies man who has left a string of broken hearts from Mexico City to New York. Although he rarely talks to press and even more rarely is photographed with his lovers, he’s been linked to everyone from Aracely Arambula to Daisy Fuentes to Mariah Carey. It’s even rumored that he and Fuentes may have rekindled their relationship as of late, leading to the unfortunate demise of the former MTV VJ’s 10-year engagement.

6. Dogs: Wilmer Valderrama

The Kiss & Teller: Wilmer Valderrama
Wilmer Valderrama is generally known as a nice guy around Hollywood, albeit one who loves the ladies. But he hit a low when he visited Howard Stern for an interview back in March of 2006 and proceeded to blurt out intimate details of his sexual relations with a sting of Hollywood starlets, from Mandy Moore and Jennifer Love Hewitt to Lindsay Lohan. A loose-tongued Wilmer said he took Moore’s virginity, and rated the sexual prowess of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ashlee Simpson. Gross!

7. Dogs: Eddie Cibrian

The Blatant Womanizer: Eddie Cibrian
Sure, Eddie Cibrian is super hot. His dimples could charm the pants off of most ladies, and he knows it! Cibrian was caught with his pants down after starting a steamy affair with his (also married) costar Leann Rimes after they starred in the Lifetime film Northern Lights together. Cibrian denied the claims and then wife Brandi Glanville stood by his side, but he was forced to fess up when video emerged of the two sucking face at a restaurant.

8. Dogs: Benicio del Toro

The Baby Daddy: Benicio del Toro
Benicio del Toro managed to keep his dirty dog ways under wraps for most of his career—that is until his one night stand with Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly blew up in his face. After a brief encounter the two announced in April that they were expecting a baby, but were not a couple. At least Benicio said he would step up to the plate, his rep said, "Although they are not a couple, they are looking forward to the arrival of the baby."

9. Dogs: Don Francisco

The Old Horny Dog: Don Francisco
This Chilean TV personality (real name: Mario Kreutzberger) is best know as the host of the megahit Sábado Gigante but he’s also a dirty old man! In 1992 he was sued by one of the models on his show for sexual harassment and it is rumored that he has an estranged daughter living named Silvia Lozano living in the U.S. Most recently, he was forced to submit to a paternity test when a man named Patricio Flores Mondaca claimed that he was the popular television host’s son.

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