Why are Eva Longoria and Selena Gomez Lying About the Men in Their Lives?

OK, we were fully ready to believe that Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz were “just friends” when they were seen together in LA. They both live there, makes sense they might go out for the night. But it goes a little beyond coincidence—and friendship—to show up on a boat in Miami with said “friend” over the weekend, no? Especially after they were snapped in full on make-out mode!

And yes, Selena and the Beibz could have just been seeing a movie together, could have just shared a friendly kiss in the Caribbean and we believe that she truly is “one of his best friends,” as he has been quoted saying, but do friends hold hands on a romantic walk in Santa Monica as soon as they return to Cali?   

Usually, when we lie about the men in our lives it’s because we are trying to hide them but these “friendships” were happening in pretty public places this weekend. Why haven’t these Latinas just admitted they are dating new men? Does Eva think it’s too soon after announcing her split from Tony? (We don’t by-the-way and Eduardo is super cute, go Eva!). Is Selena afraid of the backlash of all Justin’s female fans?

Come clean or stay home and hide. Stop teasing us!