Which Latinas are the Hottest Women of All-Time?

We can't honestly say that we're so surprised. Come on, who's going to create a list of The Hottest Women Of All Time” without including Latinas? As predicted a sizable chunk of our favorite Hollywood Latinas made the cut in a list created by Men’s Health Magazine.

The late legendary dancer Rita Hayworth ranked 58th on the list. Hayworth, who was part-Spanish, was one of the most popular pin-up girls of the World War II era. Part-Venezuelan songstress Mariah Carey came in as the 40th hottest woman of all time. And who could leave the 41-year-old out? After having twin babies Moroccan and Monroe, the singer looks as glamorous as ever in her newly trimmed down physique.

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Of course, Boricua superstar Jennifer Lopez made the cut, ranked at the 60th spot on the list. The singer/actress helped make curvaceous bodies attractive again after the waif-like looks of the '90s and, now at 42, still looks great. Mexican American actress Jessica Alba surpassed Lopez for the 54th slot, and Penelope Cruz’s gorgeous self helped usher the Spanish actress to the 32nd rank.

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Other Latinas who were included in the list is the leggy Cameron Diaz and Brazilian bombshell supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Salma Hayek, who was our November cover girl this year, ranked a dazzling #22 on the list. With her flawless skin and her dangerous curves, it’s no wonder she landed so high. Our dear Shakira made it to #18, and the highest Latina to rank on “The Hottest Women Of All-Time” is Raquel Welch, the part-Bolivian sex symbol. Who can really argue with that? She's been making men squirm since One Million Years B.C. after all!

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