Which Latina is Suing Lindsay Lohan?

Pitbull isn’t the only Latino suing Lindsay Lohan!

Nubia Del Carmen Preza, who claims she was struck by Lohan’s car while crossing a Hollywood intersection back in September 2010, is currently suing the “Freaky Friday” star. Entertainment Weekly reports that Preza’s lawsuit claims that she suffered “disabling and serious personal injuries, pain, suffering and anguish.” As a result, she is seeking compensation for damages, medical expenses, and lost time at work.

Lindsay Lohan Turns Down Pitbull's Apology, Rejects VMA Invite

Lohan’s spokesman Steve Honig claims that Lohan, nor her legal team, have been served with paperwork as of yet. The 25-year-old has had several run-ins with the law and has a collection of five mug shots, including her 2007 drunk driving case, which she is still on probation for.

Pitbull Responds to Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit

Back in August, Lohan also filed a defamation lawsuit against Pitbull over the lyrics of his hit song “Give Me Everything” where he says, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.”  In return, the Cuban rapper filed a counter lawsuit.

What do you think about Lohan’s latest lawsuit?