Which Latin Celeb’s Twitter Army is the Strongest?

Who doesn't love communicating using fewer characters? Well, we've rounded up a list of 16 Latino celebs who have the BIGGEST (and most powerful) Twitter armies! These Internet clans are here to serve and protect these celebs.



Romeo Santos (@RomeoSantosPage)

Followers: 4.62M

Why His Twitter Feed Rocks: Romeo keeps his fans up to date on his latest concerts and albums via his Twitter page. As die-hard Romeo fans, we can't thank him enough for that! His fans? They're OBSESSED with him & tweet his every move. 


Naya Rivera (@NayaRivera)

Followers: 1.7M

Why Her Twitter Feed Rocks: The Glee star’s Twitter army actually refers to themselves as an army: the “NAYAarmy” to be exact. Naya’s social media soldiers surf the web looking for news on their favorite half-Puerto Rican star—and adorably refer to Naya as their “boo-biscuit.” Just like the U.S. Army, the mission of Nayaarmy is to serve their favorite Glee star: Naya. Only instead of wearing camouflage, we’re guessing Naya’s army wears cheerleading outfits—ala Santana Lopez on Glee.


Daddy Yankee (@Daddy_Yankee)

Followers: 11.6M

Why His Twitter Feed Rocks: With well over eleven million followers, the reggaeton artist’s Twitter page needs no gasolina—it’s a well-oiled machine! Yankee’s Twitter followers refer to themselves as a nation—DYNATION. Often displaying the #DYArmy hashtag, the Big Boss’s coalition doesn’t mess around. Just ask them. “Somos 1 Army!! No jugamos!! Esto es DYNATION!!”


Demi Lovato (@ddLovato)

Followers: 54.8

Why Her Twitter Feed Rocks: Remember when Demi Lovato quit Twitter? The part-Mexican singer had to start from scratch and now boasts over 50 million followers. Why? They call themselves “Lovatics” and they are addicted to all things Demi! When Demi’s album Unbroken was released, the singer put out a call to action to all Lovatics to go out and buy it. “There is some TOUGH competition out there,” she tweeted. “Come on #Lovatics I need you!!!! #UNBROKEN.” But Lovatics don’t only support Demi by buying her music—they’re also there for her emotionally. Last fall, when Demi went to rehab for emotional and physical issues, her fans sent her thousands of Tweets, wishing her a speedy recovery. It’s that kind of loyalty that makes Demi gush, “I love my fans. They’re not even my fans—they’re my family and my friends.”


Alfredo Flores (@AlfredoFlores)

Followers: 2.75M

Why His Twitter Feed Rocks: “BEASTMODE”—that’s what Alfredo Flores calls it when his Twitter followers are tweeting up a storm about him—and he’s not exaggerating. In fact, we first heard about the Puerto Rican music video director—who has worked with superstars like Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato—from his fans on Twitter, after they sent literally hundreds of tweets asking us to feature Flores on Latina.com. “They are as dedicated and loyal as they come,” Flores recently told Latina.com. “I came home one night from bowling and #LatinasloveAlfredoFlores was a trending topic. You can't mess with them. Their swag is on a hundred thousand trillion!”


Jake T. Austin (@JakeTAustin)

Followers: 3.54M

Why His Twitter Feed Rocks:  He may have played Selena Gomez’s little brother Max Russo on Disney’s hit series Wizards of Waverly Place, but there’s nothing small about Jake T. Austin’s Twitter following. The Spanish and Argentine actor’s Twitter army hails from all around the world—places like Bolivia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador—and of course the United States. His global army probably has a lot to do with the Disney brand’s popularity around the world. This week, Jake wrote the following on Twitter: “Tryna get to a million by Monday. Too much to ask????” With diehard fan groups like @TEAMAUSTINATTACK and @VoteJakeTAustin, we’re certain he’ll get his wish!


Victoria Justice (@VictoriaJustice)

Followers: 10.8M

Why Her Twitter Feed Rocks: The half-Puerto Rican actress’s Twitter page is tons of fun—especially because she’s always posting pictures with her friends on there and telling hilarious jokes. But the coolest thing about Victoria’s Twitter page is that she regularly posts videos on Youtube where she answers questions from her millions of fans. The fans love it—and the Victorious star seems to enjoy it, too!


Evelyn Lozada (@EvelynLozada)

Followers: 1,169,594

Why Her Twitter Feed Rocks: Our Latina Fitness blogger and Basketball Wives star got a lot of attention when she started selling “nonmother*******factor” t-shirts on Twitter (the idea for the shirts occurred to Evelyn after she called mouthed off to co-star Tami Roman). But what we love about the boricua’s Twitter page — aside from the fact that she’s turned it into a successful business — is that when one of her followers is rude to her, Evelyn doesn’t just sit there and take it, she fights back. Remember when Twitter followers criticized her daughter and Evelyn wasn’t having it. “@toniovstonio You really shouldn't sit there & talk about anyone's looks jack ass! Have u looked as ur self in the mirror lately?”


Carlos Pena (@TheCarlosPena)

Followers: 2.88M

Why His Twitter Feed Rocks: Carlos Pena, one of the stars of Nickelodeon’s hit series, Big Time Rush, has such a badass Twitter following that when he tweeted the release date of the group’s second studio album Elevate (11/21/11)—it became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter in a matter of hours! The Dominican, Spanish and Venezuelan actor/singer’s diehard Twitter fans also posted hundreds of fun videos and pictures all over Twitter displaying the 11/21/11 date in creative ways. 


La La Anthony (@Lala)

Followers: 4.86M

Why Her Twitter Feed Rocks: People are obsessed with La La Anthony’s marriage to Carmelo Anthony, her hit VH1 reality show, La La’s Full Court Life and her stylish outfits. La La’s loyal fans — who follow her every move — like it that the reality star and former MTV VJ keeps it real.



David Archuleta (@DavidArchie)

Followers: 1,250,092

Why His Twitter Feed Rocks: When we named American Idol alum David Archuleta one of our Most Beautiful Latino Stars Under 25 in August 2011, the Honduran singer’s fans flocked to Latina.com in droves, posting an endless string of comments that expressed their love for Archie. The singer’s fans do the same thing for him on Twitter, bombarding him with compliments about his gorgeous green eyes, his beautiful soul and infectious smile!


Michael Trevino (@Michael_Trevino)

Followers: 513,696

Why His Twitter Feed Rocks: The Mexican actor, who plays werewolf Tyler Lockwood on the CW’s hit series The Vampire Diaries, has a fang-tastic Twitter army that includes fan groups like @IHeartTVD, @CW_Vampirediaries, @tvdfansonline, and @Vampirediaries. The show’s cult-following loves Michael and they want to know all about his character’s relationship with Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola), and what it’s like to play Tyler—a werewolf/vampire hybrid—on the hit show. 



Followers: 1,536,094

Why Her Twitter Feed Rocks: Our Beauty & Boys blogger Jasmine V told Latina.com once that she’s always signed into to Twitter, on her phone, her computer and her iPad. “I always keep my fans—actually I like to call them Jasminators—updated with everything I do,” said Jasmine, who has a loyal following of more than 800,000 fans. Jasmine doesn’t need a record label to get her music out to the world—her Twitter followers promote her music for her with an endless supply of Tweets. 


Selena Gomez (@SelenaGomez)

Followers: 14,045,948

Why Her Twitter Feed Rocks: Selena Gomez’s Twitter fans are obsessed with the part-Mexican singer/actress. Gomez takes being a role model to her fans very seriously and says she would never want to do anything that would set a bad example for her younger fans.  That’s why she gives them great advice like this: "You ARE who you hang with. Be aware of yourself. You may start to believe and become those around you. Positive.. or negative."


Bella Thorne (@bellathorne)

Followers: 2,281,566

Why Her Twitter Feed Rocks: The 15-year-old half-Cuban star is always tweeting about her hit Disney Channel show, Shake It Up, which is probably why Bella has thousands of young kids visiting her Twitter page and sending her complimentary messages. But what we love about Bella’s Twitter page is that while she’s only 15, she also tweets about important issues — like the need to stop bullying in schools. 


Tristan Wilds (@TristanWilds)

Followers: 147,767

Why His Twitter Feed Rocks: The Dominican star, who plays Dixon Wilson on the CW’s hit show, 90210, is always shouting out the best hip hop songs on his Twitter page—and he has an army of fans who consider him a trendsetter. We love that Tristan is down to earth and that writes back to his fans regularly.