What Made Marc Anthony Cry on His Birthday?

Marc Anthony celebrated his 43rd birthday last night with a sold-out concert at Miami's American Airlines Arena. While the packed crowd was there to see Marc perform, People.com reports that it was the singer's fans who sang the first song of the night—singing "Happy Birthday" to Marc the moment he took the stage to perform. The superstar singer was reportedly so moved by the support of the crowd that he fell to his knees, teary-eyed, in thanks. 

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Shortly thereafter, Marc gave the audience what they came for—he performed several songs in Spanish and had the excited audience on their feet the entire night. The singer, who recently separated from Jennifer Lopez, his wife of seven years, also sang a song about what it's like to suffer in love, called "Until I Met You" (Hasta Que Te Conoci")—and when he introduced the song, he called it "complicated" — perhaps alluding to his separation from Lopez. 

Marc went on to thank the audience for "all your love and support, especially this year," adding, "It means a lot to me."

Marc's teenage daughter Ariana (who he had with ex-girlfriend, Debbie Rosado) brought out a three-tier, black and white birthday cake, at which point the crowd sang him "Happy Birthday" again. 

An overjoyed Marc said: "Who in the world could say they're spending their birthday like this? I'm a very lucky man." 

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But that wasn't the end of Marc's birthday party. At midnight, the singer headed to a private birthday bash at Club 50 inside Miami's Viceroy Hotelwhere approximately 150 of his closest friends were waiting for him. Marc stayed at the party for about an hour, mingling with guests, and when he was asked what he wished for as he blew out the candles on his birthday cake, Marc replied that he "already had his wish."

Marc had to take off soon after that to get some rest for his other concert performances over the weekend, but the funny singer told his party guests that he was issuing an "executive order to stay, drink as much as you can and party all night." 

"I feel like I am home," he told the guests, getting emotional. "Thanks for showing up. It's mind-boggling."

Happy Birthday, Marc!