6 Latino Who've Starred in Wes Craven Films

Wes Craven, the "Horror Maestro", passed away on Sunday after a battle with brain cancer. Craven was the genius behind the first four Scream movies as well as the beloved cult classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. In honor of his amazing contributions to film and to horror, we've compiled a list of the Latino celebrities who have starred in his movies: 

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1. 1

"The Queen of Latin Pop" Gloria Estefan was part of the star-studded cast for Craven's film Music of the Heart. Estefan also performed the song "Music of My Heart" with *NSYNC for the film. It reached No. 2 on the Billboard chart, and was nominated for an Academy Award in 1999. 

2. 2

Christina Milian starred in the 2006 horror film Pulse. The singer played Isabelle "Izzie" Fuentes, and she even rocked her natural curls for the role. 

3. 3

Dominican and Puerto Rican cutie Ricky Gonzalez starred alongside Christina Milian in the movie Pulse. In the film, Gonzalez plays a total computer nerd named Stone. 

4. 4

Craven produced the horror film The Breed, which starred the very sexy Michelle Rodriguez as Nicki. The movie wasn't a huge success at the box office, but Rodriguez did look smokin' hot in a bikini. 

5. 5

Cuban-American actor Raúl Esparza starred in Craven's film My Soul to Take. In the 2010 supernatural horror film, Esparza played Abel Plenkov. It was the first film since The Nightmare on Elm Street that Craven both wrote and directed. 

6. 6

Craven serves as executive producer on the Scream TV series, which starred America's sweetheart Bella Thorne. The show is based off on Craven's most famous film, Scream.