Weekend Stories We are Proud to Say Don’t Involve Latinas!

Every morning, we read all the celebrity news, and we do mean ALL of it. This morning, we decided to give you a sneak peak into how we choose the stories for Latina.com—specifically, the stories we gladly tag: THANK GOD NO LATINA IS INVOLVED IN THAT!

• Excerpts from Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexis’ book have come out and let’s just say she had some REAL things to say about growing up with Martha. Apparently she was made to wrap her own Christmas gifts and was raised with a “glue gun to her head.” Wait, is she Latina? We thought only our abuelas used criticism as a form of love and called us “gorda” as a way to bond with us! 

American Pie Star Jason Biggs’s wife got him a prostitute and then blogged about it for the SmokingJacket.com. Huh...So let’s see: not only did this woman share her man, but she also PAID to do it? Oh, no, honey—definitely not a Latina thing.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey continue to stab each other in the back. The latest drama involves Teresa Giudice setting her sister-in-law up and revealing her as a stripper, while her co-star Jacqueline Lauriat has taken to Twitter to say nasty things about Teresa. Yeah, okay—we could see ourselves plotting this kind of payback. (Our “fiery” stereotype does come from somewhere!) So color us happy that it wasn’t one of the Latinas on Basketball Wives making this headline!

And the story we HOPE has a Latina attached!

Arrested Development will return to TV for 10 episodes followed by a movie. We loved this show, even thought it’s about a family of lunatics. And we remember that a Latina—actress BW Gonzalez—starred as Lupe, Lucille Bluth’s (Jessica Walter) Hispanic housekeeper, whom Lucille replaced with a robotic vacuum cleaner after she caught Lupe in bed with her “retardo” son Buster (Tony Hale). Fingers crossed Lupe makes her way into the movie!