This Week in Selena Gomez News...

Selena Gomez is one busy chica.

So busy, in fact, that we decided to round up the most recent news surrounding the part-Mexican singer/actress. Here’s this week in Selenita news:

Smells good: Gomez has been pushing forward aggressively with her new fragrance. The 19-year-old Disney star already asked her zealous fans for help in choosing her new perfume’s final scents and, most recently, had a photo shoot for it. Gorgeous in a gown, the star spent the shoot dipped inside a colorful fish tank. Yes, a tank. After her shoot, the singer/actress spoke to Access Hollywood about her planned scent. “My perfume right now, I want it to be really romantic,” she said. “I want to do be sweet and sophisticated.”

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No wedding bells: Give a girl a break! After Gomez was spotted with a diamond ring on her engagement finger, she and her Canadian honey Justin Bieber caused quite a stir in cyberspace, according to Us Magazine. The publication reached out for comment and a rep for Gomez denied that Bieber had ever popped the question. “She is not engaged,” the rep reportedly said. Come on people!

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Love in Mexico: Speaking of weddings, Gomez and Bieber were in Mexico recently for a wedding. According to Us Magazine, Gomez was a bridesmaid in costume designer Shannon Larossi's wedding. Larossi and Gomez met on the Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place. During their downtime yesterday, Gomez and Bieber were lovey-dovey by a pool in Cabo San Lucas. Check out the pics here.