5 Web Series Every Latinx Needs to Watch Right Now

The copy-and-paste images Hollywood redundantly force feeds may leave you feeling as though there are limited depictions of your cultural identity. Too often our true stories aren’t white enough to flash across glitzy big-budget screens, leaving the Latinx community with an overall lackluster cinema experience. Many creatives have utilized their #brownpride by taking matters into their own hands and illustrating our narrative authentically.  

Click play on these five web series that are must-sees for every Latinx.

1. Dating Has No Merci

Dating Has No Merci

Attempting to maintain a genuine connection in the digital age is as humbling as a text message to bae being answered with only a read receipt. In her comedic web series, Dating Has No Merci, Washington Heights native, Sasha Merci, perfectly exemplifies how petty millennial dating becomes. She may be easy on the eyes, but watching her stumble through obstacles like unfit relationships, angering a bruja, and stretching half-full pockets in NYC, is utterly cringe-worthy. You don’t want to miss the hilarious Dominicana in action.

2. Pineapple Diaries

The Pineapple Diaries 

The cast of Boston bellezas colorfully enlightens how challenging it can be finding yourself in your late 20s. The Pineapple Diaries is the closest thing Caribbean refined women may ever get to a Sex In The City illustration. These Latinas represent the multiple complexities of recent graduate struggles, compounded lovers, LBGTQ community difficulties, and more. This must-see girl-next-door approach to young adulthood is refreshing and relatable. 

3. Gente-fied


Gentrification is great for everyone but those who want to preserve the culture. Under the executive production of America Ferrera, seven Latinx Mexicans hustle to protect what is theirs. These L.A. locals hilariously battle stereotypes, make their mark in their neighborhood, and adjust to the imposing alteration of their street culture. Be sure to tune in! 

4. Brown Girls

Brown Girls

Many women of color feel further setback by this current hypersensitive political climate. Brown Girls hones in on the awareness of our unyielding hurdles with an upbeat approach. The two lead characters explore their fresh feminism through an array of experiences that are sure to enrich their womanhood. Watch as these queens climb and conquer Chicago.

5. Brujos

Brujos (2017) -- Teaser Scenes from Open TV (beta) on Vimeo.


The art isn’t always polite. As spiritualism is trendier than ever before, Brujos demystifies the mainstream misconceptions of our ancestors’ magic. As if higher education is not stressful enough, the doctoral-bound LGBTQ Latinx leads are battling witch-hunters fashioned in white privilege. The raw script is not for the lighthearted but is masterfully plotted.