7 Ways Latinos Can Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

While AMC’s The Walking Dead is scaring up monster ratings it got us thinking, “Can Latinos survive a zombie apocalypse?” The quick answer: Hell yeah! Zombies are slow, ugly and smell—like your ex-boyfriend. So if the day ever comes where the dead want to take a bite out of your cabeza read our ways Latinos can survive a zombie apocalypse and you’ll be the one eating cabeza…tacos.

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1. Guinea Pig

We’ll eat any kind of meat. Lengua, tripe, guinea pig, anything. Basically, if it isn’t moldy or running a mosquito motel we’ll eat it.

2. La llorona

Zombies, with their rotting bodies and slow-paced walk, don’t scare us. La Llorana, a chupacabra, la vieja—they scare us. Zombies? Que zombies?

3. Never alone

We’re never alone! We roll deep with our friends and extended family. What’s a zombie going to do when we’re with our parents, abuelita, our cousin Tito, my prima Priscilla, our cousin (who’s not our real cousin but we grew up together so we’re like family) Jessica? Nada!

4. Canned beans

We’ll never get tired of canned beans. Goya, La Fe, Key Food—any brand is fine with us.

5. Indigenous

Most of us have indigenous roots so we have an innate connection to the land. We’ll make our Inca, Taino, etc. ancestors proud by living off the land and killing some f**king zombies.

6. Dia de los muertos

Four words: Dia de los Muertos. We have a freaking holiday where we honor our deceased relatives. We’re not scared of the dead, we just want to party with them.

7. Machete

Machete! It’s great for cutting open coconuts and cracking a zombie’s skull.