5 Ways La La Anthony Stays In Shape!

Isn't La La Anthony gorgeous? The 33-year-old TV star looked stunning as a co-host on The View today. And of course she did. After all, the Boricua businesswoman has been working hard on her fitness, and it shows. Below are five ways La La keeps in shape - and keeps heads turning!  

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60 Days of Fitness 

La La made headlines last month after posting sizzling photos of her new physique a bikini. She credits rapper The Game for losing 20 pounds – her plan was part of his 60-day weight loss regime.

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La La is a fan of alternative exercises such as boxing. In an interview with Latina several years ago, the TV star confessed that she hated exercising, but liked working with trainer Gunnar Peterson “because he has me doing different exercises everyday like boxing, which is the only exercise I actually enjoy.”

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Water – Lots of It 

In a 2010 interview with Latina, La La said drinking a lot of water helps her stay in shape.

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Your Latin food, in moderation 

La La said she would never give up her rice and beans, but would eat just a little bit or turn down white rice for brown. Before she married basketball star Carmelo Anthony, the busy businesswoman lost about 13 pounds in two months for their wedding. La La stressed portion control. “I would never deny myself completely because I feel like when you do then you go overboard, so I give myself a little taste and leave it at that,” she said.

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Your Attitude Is Important 

“Most importantly, you have to mentally commit to it,” La La told us before her wedding in 2010. “It’s hard sometimes because it takes a while to see. But once you start seeing the change you’ll get motivated and want to continue.”